Know about the Top Headphones for Kids In 2022

It can be difficult and stressful to select the right headphones for your kids. The right headphones can prevent life-long hearing damage to children, so choosing the right pair is critical. You also want to avoid damaging the hearing of younger children by overpowering their hearing. Because of remote learning and home-schooling, good headphones for kids are even more critical. Choose models that include a microphone for real-time interaction in the virtual classroom.

Headphones for Kids

Your child often wants to look cool at the expense of sound quality, and you could endanger your child’s hearing if you put adult headphones on their heads. Below we have listed some of our favorite child headphones. You should consider the fit, comfort, and design of your headphones and the amount of time a child spends using them, regardless of the volume. Our experts checked each model for audio quality, volume limitations, comfort, and safety.

Top Headphones for Kids
  • PURO Sound Labs BT2200


Puro BT2200 headphones have the best comfort we’ve ever experienced. In addition to its 18-hour battery life, the wireless BT2200 comes with a built-in microphone and 40-millimeter drivers. Aluminum ear cups, a cushioned head strap, and noise-reducer technology are the top of the line. Four colors are available, including purple, blue, and pink.

Puro BT2200 is wireless, too – perfect if your child is constantly yanking at cables or you don’t want the cord to wrap around a small neck. This exceeds traditional volume limiters. A second benefit of the headphones is that they block 82% of background noise. We rank Puro Sound Labs BT2200 headphones as one of our favorite kids’ headphones due to their superior sound quality, build quality, and wireless functionality.

  • ICLEVER Transnova BTH16


This product from iClever has several great features, including a cost-effective design, excellent battery life, light, comfortable design, and ear cups with interchangeable plates. Although the volume is limited to 85dB in our tests, it was still quite loud for a pair of headphones in this price range. It was straightforward to pair the headphones via Bluetooth 5.0 after fully charging them, and the headphones also have a detachable cable just in case you forget to charge them.

An earpiece has basic controls for playing, pausing, skipping tracks, answering/ending phone calls, and activating Siri. To run the battery down a little faster or just look like the coolest kid at the party, turn on the multicolored LEDs on the earpieces. You can turn them off by pushing the button again.

  • ONANDOFF Kids Explore Buddyphones Headphones


Kids love the BuddyPhones because they are durable, safe, and ready to use right from the start. It has everything you need, including a detachable boom microphone for video calls, and its quality sound surpasses anything we’ve heard from a set of kid’s headphones. With features like volume-limiting technology, a detachable audio cable with an integrated mic, an adapter to share music with friends, and cushioned synthetic leather ear cups, you can play music for a long time. The active noise cancellation is responsible for the improved audio quality. The Toddler Mode is set to 75 dB; the Kids Mode to 85 dB; and the Travel Mode to 94 dB to reduce background noise.

The charger is an easy-to-use USB-C plug rather than a micro USB. When the 24-hour battery runs out, you can use the wired version. The headphones can be personalized with stickers.



Its ample sound and built-in volume regulator make it the perfect pick for active kids who want to take their headphones wherever they go. Using JLab’s Cloud Foam cushions, your ears and head will be kept comfortably cool while you travel, and the folding design makes for easy transport. They have foam cushions to keep you comfortable, and they fold up to save space when they are not being used. The quality of sound is suitable for the price.

Since Bluetooth is cordless, you won’t have to worry about cord safety, though you should make sure they are charged since there is no detachable cable for wired listening. This device can run for 13 hours on a single charge, making it an excellent choice. Children may find it challenging to learn the control scheme after learning that volume buttons also control track navigation.


When you care for your child’s health and safety, you show them that you genuinely love them, and that is even more endearing than giving them gifts as a way to express your love. Among the number one factors to consider when buying kid-friendly headphones, limiting the volume is essential for a responsible parent. Our goal is to make this buying guide as comprehensive as possible so that you can find the best headphones for your child.

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