The 3 Best 24-Inch Monitor Reviews In 2022 – Compact Screen With Good Resolution

If you are searching for a compact screen, unlike the large ultrawide 40-inch monitors that come with 4K resolution, there is plenty of choice in the 24-inch monitor segment. This segment is suitable for those with an eye for detail and looking for maximum pixel count per inch.

3 Best 24-inch Monitors of 2022

Let us proceed to check out the three best 24-inch monitors available in the market today.

  • Dell U2415

Dell U2415

The Dell U2415 is among the best 24-inch monitor you can get with excellent visuals. The resolution is 1920×1200 pixel, and combined with a 16:10 aspect ratio, a 2m:1 dynamic contrast, and 300 nit peak brightness; you can get a high-quality visual experience. The refresh rate of 60 Hz and response time of 6 ms is what you get when you overdrive the monitor.

The dell 24-inch monitor comes with many port options. There is a 3.5 mm output, five USB Type-A, a single USB Type B, two HDFMI ports, and a Mini display input; a 1.2 Display input and output port are available. There is a fully adjustable height, swivel, and tilt adjustment for convenience. It is also star certified energy saver, which means it does not consume too much energy.

  • HP TNC134016

HP TNC134016

The hp 24-inch monitor is a powerhouse with its 1920×1200 resolution. This is model is the only one that can match the Dell U2415. The visuals are stunning with its 16:10 aspect ratio, three million-plus pixels, and tested color calibration. The colors are consistent and accurate, and along with its 3-sided micro-edged bezel, one is tempted to go for it even if one does not need it.

Regarding connectivity, the HP monitor comes with HDMI, VGA, and Display port connectors. There are three USB 3 hub port that allows one to connect peripheral devices. The perfect ergonomics allow the height and tilt flexibility and the swivel to be customized to make one’s workflow comfortable. A built-in Display Assistant software also allows one to partition screens or dim displays. The energy star ratings ensure low energy consumption, and a 3-year warranty means HP is confident in this model.

  • Acer Nitro XV252Q F

Acer Nitro XV252Q F

The Acer 24-inch monitor is actually 25 inches. This monitor has one of the fastest refresh rates, and this feature alone takes away concerns about the gaming experience. With the low input lag, better than average display, minimal ghosting, 390 Hz refresh rate, this monitor sacrifices a bit on color quality and tries to focus on what gamers look for, a great price tag and serious performance. The 25 inches with a 1920*1080 pixel resolution follows the footsteps of other Acer models that believe in shedding the RGB lights in favor of energy cost savings.


We have reviewed three top brands for computer 24-inch monitors. These models might have come along with the desktop PC you purchased. Considering the major part of the day goes into looking at the screen, whether one is working, gaming, or watching movies, one must get the right display resolution.

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