‘Inception’ Movie Spoiler Review: Christopher Nolan’s Mind-Blowing Masterpiece

Christopher Nolan is one of today’s sharpest and most sophisticated filmmakers. Since his arrival on the scene, the filmmaker has been churning out one brilliant thriller after another. He combines a popular storyline with a level of sophistication rarely seen in blockbusters. One of his masterpieces is Inception, an action-heist film with ten additional levels of intricacy. The movie was released in July 2010 in both IMAX and conventional theatres.

Film Summary

In the film Inception, Cobb, a thief who manipulates dreams to steal ideas, is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Cobb is wanted in the United States, and his sole desire is to see his children again, a wish that he may be able to fulfill if he commits one last illegal deed. He and his crew infiltrate another man’s mind to implant a notion that will influence his conscious judgment.

Inception Movie Review

It is one of the most complex films ever made. It’s made up of numerous layered dreams, each of which affects the physics of the next. The film’s first half is frequently perplexing as Nolan begins to layer on the components that will be fully revealed in the second half, and he seldom takes the time to explain all that is going on.

At its heart, Inception movie is a heist film. Once it gets into motion, the film transforms into a visceral experience unlike any other. Nolan’s worlds have some of the finest special effects ever seen, yet he never overuses them. Maybe it’s because he’s surrounded himself with some of the finest actors. Inception major characters Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, and Cillian Murphy all play important parts alongside DiCaprio. DiCaprio, as well as Cotillard and Murphy, gave terrific performances.

The cast with Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb is phenomenal, and it brings the character to life and justice for getting back to his children. The same goes with Cillian Murphy as Fischer and Tom Hardy as Eames.

There are some problems with Inception. Nolan spends so much time focusing on DiCaprio’s character that he overlooks the rest of the cast. Page is introduced as a second lead character, but she rapidly transforms into a means of revealing more of DiCaprio’s secrets, and her motives are never revealed. The same can be said for other actors in the Inception cast, like Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, and Watanabe. They feel like they’re just players in the game.

In terms of action, those expecting constant action may not get precisely what they’re looking for, but Nolan keeps things moving at a quick pace with fascinating discoveries. However, when the film switches to action mode, it does not disappoint. There are several stunning passages in Inception, and scenes set at the gravity-defying hotel are awe-inspiring.


Inception is a film that grows with time, yet it is already a masterpiece of monumental proportions. The film is unique, intelligent, and complex, yet it is also completely accessible as a blockbuster action film. The graphics and concepts are just great. The movie requires multiple viewing to understand completely, but the more one understands it, the more they will fall in love with the concept.

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