Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8: A New Benchmark For Android Tablets    

A new standard for Android tablets has arrived with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It’s the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, which we call one of the best tablets on the market compared to the iPad Pro. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra boasts a screen display enough to overshadow the iPad Pro and is a massive 14.6-inch Android slate. Samsung also launched two larger, OLED-equipped tablets with its Tab S8 – an improved Tab S8 Plus as well as the Galaxy Tab S8. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 is Samsung’s top-of-the-line Android tablet, and it sets new standards for the kind of premium tablet you should have. It’s one of the best Android tablets you can have right now, especially if you already use Samsung products.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8



  • Book Cover keyboard is cramped and small 


Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8 Design

In terms of size and weight, the Tab S8 measures roughly 10 x 6.5 x 0.2 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds in terms of size and weight in terms of size and weights. This allows it to be easily gripped even when reading or gaming on the couch for extended periods. You’ll also find a magnetized strip at the back of the device that lets you connect the included S Pen stylus to charge it. It has a USB-C port on the bottom and a port on the left for attaching the Book Cover Keyboard Slim. In addition to the power button and volume rocker, there’s also a microSD card slot, which you can access with small, pointed objects. The only way to use a headphone jack is via Bluetooth or USB-C.


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 features an 11-inch LED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, similar to its predecessor. In addition, thanks to its adaptive refresh rate, the screen appears bright and colorful, with nice smooth touch. In practice, we found that using the Vivid setting of the Galaxy Tab S8 display was more enjoyable because the colors looked brighter and more vibrant. Despite its beauty, this screen does not have an OLED display or support HD despite its beautyR.


Audio quality of saMSUNG Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8’s four speakers can get surprisingly loud, and they also support Dolby Atmos, but you must enable that feature in the Settings menu to take full advantage of the feature. Though the bass isn’t as strong as possible, the speakers do produce clear and resonant sound.

Performance And Software

In addition to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 also has 8GB of RAM, making it easy to navigate between apps and run them quickly. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 runs Android 12 with some custom Samsung software on top, including a tweaked user interface and broader interoperability with other Samsung devices. Generally, if you don’t like Samsung’s software, you can delete it, disable it, or ignore it.

Book Cover Keyboard And S Pen

Book Cover Keyboard And S Pen

It’s good to equip the Tab S8 with a keyboard to make the most of its productivity tools. Samsung offers a detachable Book Cover Keyboard Slim for $139 as a keyboard option. It’s easy to put on once you get used to snapping it on, and it’s magnetically attached to the tablet. Despite being scuffed and scratched constantly, the tablet feels well-protected thanks to the sturdy cover.

Our favorite thing about the Tab S8 is the S Pen that comes with it and how easy it is to hold. On the Tab S8’s display, drawing and taking notes feels smooth, accurate. The adaptive refresh rate might be the reason for that. If the S Pen could fit into a slot, it would look nicer when not in use, and keeping the stylus from disappearing would be easier. When you get used to it, it magnetizes quite strongly to the back, so you can attach and detach it without looking.



Galaxy Tab S8’s cameras are among the best offered by Android tablets. The front of the phone has a 12MP wide-angle selfie camera, while the back has a 13 MP auto-focus lens and an 8MP wide-angle lens. All are capable of recording video in 4k resolution and 60 frames per second. With a new auto-framing feature, all automatically adjust the shot to try to keep you in the shot if you move around. The Galaxy Tab S8 is an excellent tablet to use if you need to take pictures. The rear camera does a great job in terms of capturing color and detail accurately.

Battery Life

With the Galaxy Tab S8, you won’t lose too much battery power. We picked it up in the morning with roughly 80% battery charge, used it for a day’s work, and dropped it off with at least 20% charge remaining.


It is excellent to have an Android tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Fast, durable, beautiful, and comfortable to hold, it is a great device. Take photos or make video calls with your tablet with ease, and the S Pen is a great addition. However, the Galaxy Tab S8 cannot compete with most modern iPads in terms of display or performance quality. The Galaxy Tab S8 excels at many things, but its greatest strength is being a premium Android tablet. Although it’s capable of doing work in a pinch, we find it works best as a fast, all-purpose device for work and plays.

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