School of Rock – A High Energy Rock & Roll Comedy

The Hollywood film School of Rock is a thorough family-entertainer that was a runaway hit after its release in 2003 in the US. It’s an ode to the power of rock by Richard Linklater, the film director, and the screenplay is by Mike White. The film won several awards, like the British Comedy Award for the best comedy film and the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance. The film brings a feel-good factor that receives accolades from the audience who feels like going over the moon while enjoying the fun and frolic that cheers the heart. The incredible comic acting by Jack Black will remind you of the early days of funny performances by Jim Carey, playing the lead. To say that Jack Black goes a long way in the film would be an understatement.

School of Rock – The Storyline

The story revolves around Dewey Finn, the guitarist of a rock band and a member of the rock band No Vacancy. While performing at a nightclub, Finn’s onstage antics go awry after a failed diving attempt that brings the performance to an abrupt halt.   Soon Finn finds himself booted out from the band only to plunge into the darkness of uncertainty. All odds mount against him as he faces a mountain of debts and is thrown into the deep abyss of depression. He lives in a rented apartment with his best friend and an old band member Ned Schneebly. When Ned received a call from an elite private school and offered a temporary job as a fifth-grade teacher, Finn was smart enough to grab the opportunity by impersonating Ned.

Finn loses no time to play Ned’s role as perfectly as he can and starts instructing the fee-paying pupils of the elite parents. He didn’t have a clue about what to do and encouraged the kids to chill out and have some fun. Things take a dramatic turn during the execution of the class project about forming a rock band. He starts by sharing his knowledge about rock music with the students and teaching them the essentials of playing rock music. Enthused by spotting some talented musicians in the class, Finn decides to form a new rock band to participate in a band contest. His target was to win the prize money for paying his debts besides gaining wide recognition as a rock musician.

 The Cast

Jack Black plays Dewey Finn with such extraordinary skills that it seems as if the screenwriter had written the script with Jack in mind. The remaining School of Rock cast includes Mike White essaying the role of Ned Schneebly, Kevin Clark is Fred, Rivkah Reyes plays Katy, Robert Tsai as Lawrence, and there are many others in the long list. The way Jack Black holds the center stage, he might compel the audience to rename the movie as Jack Black School of Rock.

School of Rock is a substantial commercial hit because the film costing $20 million earned $80 million. The success points to the ageless appeal of the film.

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