MacBook Pro Keyboard Creates Magic for Users who Turns into Typing Addicts

The inclusion of the Macbook Pro keyboard is an impressive upgrade of the Macbook Pro 13-inch because of the high reliability of the redesigned keyboard. The new Macbook Pro keyboard is splendor in black with Touch ID ting and full function keys. The keyboard seems exclusively made for Mac and performs exceedingly well. The keyboard ensures a sublime typing experience identical to what you find in the 16-inch Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air 2020. Once you start typing, the experience is so addictive that you would not look back.

Enjoy That Tactile Feel Of The Macbook Pro Keyboard

Apple named all the latest Macbook keyboards as Magic keyboards that debuted in late 2019 in the 16-inch Macbook Pro. Soon to follow was the Macbook Air that had the same keyboard, and behind it came the Macbook 13 released in 2020.

To understand the significance of the magic keyboard Macbook Pro, you must go back to 2015 when Apple released the 12-inch Macbook that had a keyboard with a new butterfly mechanism. The keyboard was 40% thinner than traditional scissor mechanism-driven keyboards and four times more stable. Moreover, Apple vouched that the keyboard would ensure a more precise typing experience. However, the consumer reaction was contrary to what Apple had promised. Learning lessons from the failure, Apple continued working to achieve what it aimed initially–providing users with a magical keyboard that finally resulted in the new Macbook pro keyboard.

Design, Layout, And Features

The most visible change in the wireless keyboard for Macbook pro models is the inclusion of the new shortcuts for Siri, Dictation, Spotlight, and Do not Disturb. In addition, the standard shortcut keys for media playback, display brightness, volume, and more are there in place. After five years of its introduction, these keys are a substitute for the Touch Bar that Apple removed from all new 16-inch and 14-inch Macbook Pro models. Apple strongly believes that the reintroduction of physical function keys will give users the familiar tactile feel of mechanical keys, which pros highly enjoy. An anodized aluminum inset surrounds the keyboard instead of gray or silver aluminum between the keys.

Users will not feel disappointed about the absence of the Touch Bar, but instead, they will feel much pleased with the design. Besides the excitement generated by the physical function keys, restoring the additional ports like an SD card slot, an HDMI port, and Magsafe is all set to delight users.

The keys of the Magic keyboards are unique because these pop out more from the frame and deliver a millimeter of travel. The keys do not bottom out even during the hardest presses, and the bouncing effect created by the rubber dome beneath the plastic keycaps ensures the smoothest typing experience.

The Macbook Pro keyboard uses a scissor-switch mechanism that gives a satisfactory click-clack when typing and prevents debris from falling under the keys. You will find a touch sensor ID in the top right-hand corner and a physical escape key in the top left-hand corner.

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