Apple’s Magsafe Battery Pack – Wireless Charging for iPhone12 & iPhone13

The Magsafe battery pack that Apple launched in July 2021 is an iPhone accessory for wireless charging when you do not have a power outlet. The battery pack is handy when you are on the go and suddenly find your phone’s battery drained out completely. The Magsafe made its first appearance as an accessory for iPhone 12 family and is available as a standalone accessory for all iPhone models. Due to its magnetic power, the Apple Magsafe battery pack sticks to the back of any iPhone and provides an additional battery life.

Overview of Magsafe Battery Pack

The intuitive and compact design of the Magsafe battery pack will delight users because of the ease of attaching the accessory to the phone when you are moving around. The accessory can firmly sit on the back of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Pro to ensure reliable and safe wireless charging. Since the charging happens automatically, you need not switch it on or off. For fast charging with a Magsafe charger, you can pair it with a 27W or higher charger like the ones that come with Macbook. By plugging in the Lightning cable, you can fulfill the need for wireless charging up to 15 W.  You need to buy a 20W or higher USB C to Lightning cable to attach to the USB C adapter.


The battery is made from hard white plastic, and the shape is identical to the shape of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series phones to which it can attach for extra power. The size of the battery charging unit allows it to sit comfortably at the rear of the iPhone12 mini below the camera slot. The fit will be smaller on other iPhone models. The backside of Magsafe has rounded corners, and there’s a Magsafe indentation on the front. A built-in lightning port facilitates the charging of the iPhone Magsafe battery pack. The 11 mm thick battery pack weighs 115 grams and is lighter than the iPhone 12, which weighs 164 grams.

Charging Speed

To start the charging process, you need to fix the battery pack to the phone and then plug it into a Lightning to USB cable, which connects to a 20W charger. You can even connect it to a higher charger. However, the Magsafe charges the iPhone at 15 W only. The charging is slower when you use the Magsafe battery pack during outdoor trips; the charging is slower at 5W.

Battery Size

It’s not clear the amount of other life you can get from the Magsafe pack that has a 7.62V, 11.13 W battery with 1460mAh. However, the iPhone 12 series batteries‘ batteries are al of higher capacity. Due to the inefficient Qi-wireless charging, some loss in battery capacity is unavoidable. It is difficult to tell the charging level Magsafe can provide for the phones because the temperature affects the charging rate.

The Magsafe battery pack takes full advantage of its integration with iOS and uses reverse wireless charging for charging the pack.

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