Google Chrome “Lite Mode“ Feature – A Replacement for Chrome 100

What is Lite Mode on Google?

Lite mode is an engine that helps load web pages faster and reduce mobile data usage. In other words, the reduced mobile Lite mode allows sending the pages to load to Google and back to the user’s device by excluding the heavy components that would have slowed done the loading and unnecessarily used data. Surprisingly this useful feature which all would have welcomed is not used by everyone or known to everyone.

How Does Lite Mode Work?

When a user types a website name in the address bar of Google Chrome, the Lite mode sends the webpage to Google servers. The webpage content is analyzed by Google, which proceeds to remove those components that the user does not require. This does not mean that the webpage requested will look different as the Google system ensures that the feel and looks stay the same as much as possible.

If one is using a Lite mode, here are a few things to keep in mind –

  • Lite mode does not work when browsing in private or incognito mode.
  • Some websites will have difficulty accessing the user location.
  • Internal company site pages on local networks cannot be used
  • Users may not sign in to the mobile carrier website, especially the premium data services.
  • When using secure sites with HTTPS, chrome sends only URLs to Google for faster loading, and no personal data or cookies are shared with Google.

How to Activate Lite Mode on Google Chrome?

The Lite mode is available exclusively to Android smartphones only. Google Chrome Lite download is not available in iOS or desktop versions of the browser. To enable Lite mode on chrome, one had to open the Google Chrome app on the mobile device and tap on the More / Settings / advanced / Lite Mode option.

Features of Lite Mode

Once the Lite mode was activated, one could find out how much data they have saved apart from other statistics provided in the settings menu of the Google Chrome “more” button. The chrome Lite does not work in private browsing, and it is to keep it confidential, and the internal website pages as data must be sent to Google. Unless they are available online, they cannot be accessed by the company servers.

Most of the apps available on Apple or Google play stores are exclusively for mobile devices. So, while officially, one cannot download chrome Lite on a desktop, there are a few tips to download Google Chrome Lite for windows 10 on a PC and use them as one would have used on Android Smartphone. But that is for another article.

New Feature on Google Chrome

Google Chrome will soon be removing its Lite mode version on android smartphones. Its next updated feature will be the Chrome 100, eliminating the toggle between standard and Lite mode of Google Chrome. This move is because now, with data available cheap and affordable globally, the USP of data saving is redundant. Google has also made the normal Chrome browser more efficient, making page loading much faster and eliminating the need for Lite Version.

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