MUAMA Enence – The Instant Two-Way Real-Time Translator

If you have been to a foreign country and got frustrated trying to communicate in a local language, here is a new portable translation device that makes it easy for you to communicate with someone who cannot speak or understand English.

The MUAMA Enence device is a palm-sized device that translates real-time. The device is useful when traveling to foreign locations, and you can use it when checking into a hotel, shopping in a mall, visiting local attractions, or hailing a cab.

The MUAMA Enence Review – Functions, Price & Advantages

The first time you use the MUAMA Enence, you need to charge the battery. The battery can last up to four days of continuous use.   You need to press the button for translating and then speak into the device. Within two seconds, the device responds and translates into another language.

There is also an option to use Bluetooth, which connects the device to the smartphone and scans documents. This feature is beneficial when you see signboards, restaurant menus, or documents in a foreign language that you cannot understand. Scanning them and then translating on the device helps convert images and texts to words or phrases in a language that you can understand.

How is MUAMA Enence is better than translation apps?

There are many translation apps that you can download on your smartphone. Most of them are paid apps and require frequent updates. Here, one has to record the voice before translating. The MUAMA Enence does real-time translation and doesn’t require regular updates as apps. The battery lasts longer, has a more extensive range, blocks out noises in the background, and is easy to use.

MUAMA Enence Price

The device, which offers translation in 36 languages, is priced at $79 and is available on Amazon.   In comparison, competitor Pocket talk offers 82 languages and is priced at $129. If one is buying more than one translator, the vast comes lower.

Where can you use the MUAMA Enence Translator?

The list is endless. But it is usually handy in the following situations:

  • Family vacations and pleasure trips in foreign countries
  • Business and official work trips
  • Business meetings
  • In shopping malls, restaurants, public places in foreign countries
  • At school and home
  • On job

There are several countries where people speak more than one language. With this translation tool, one can easily select popular languages which are used globally apart from English, such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and Dutch, to name a few.

How helpful can this translator be?

The translator can be used in emergencies such as an accident where the victim does not speak a common language or English and needs immediate help. Here the translator can communicate and get basic information shared with the doctors and paramedics.

Reasons to buy MUAMA Enence?

The small and compact size of the device makes it convenient to use, and it is not a problem for those who have used iPod or MP3   player in the past. One can easily carry it in one socket and fits well in the hand where one can use it by using the free finger.

The real-time conversation translation makes communication in a foreign language smooth, and it cuts down awkward pauses when conversing with another person in a foreign language.

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