Samsung Note Edge – A Device that Offers a New Concept

The Samsung Note Edge is another step towards evolution by using phones. The round spine with curves allowing the screen to tuck inside under the chassis is a clever market gimmick, no doubt.

The price of the Note edge suggests it is slightly more costly than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The question is whether this screen is worth the extra expense? The edge looks promising with its large 5.7-inch QHD (1440 x 2560) screen makes it a promising product. The AMOLED technology and improved camera and S Pen make it useful for an average consumer.


The Samsung Note Edge may not have the first impression when you look at it. The fact is that a Phablet performs better with two hands, but the problem is when pulling out an S Pen, especially when the wide phone does not fit well in a single palm. However, one gets used to the idea after a few days of use. The digital spine is on the phone’s right-hand side, and therefore the power button gets shifted to the top of the device.

The display has a   better resolution than a Note 4. Though it is smaller, the curved portion allows adding 160 vertical pixels giving a 16:10 image. This means there is no compromise and the usable screen is the same as Note 4.

The rest of the design is typically Samsung. The Note 4 metallic rim is missing here, probably to accommodate the curved spine, but overall, the build is good with a strong frame. The back cover has a leather feel and easily swap battery and microSD cards after removing them. The headphone jack and infrared port also reside on the device top, and an s the speaker is placed on the bottom rear side of the phone.

Samsung Note Edge Specifications

The phone measures 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm in dimension, which means locking the phone gets a little challenging. The phone weighs 0.38 pounds which looks lighter, but compared to other brands, it is not the lightest and, therefore, nothing to get excited about. The phone misses the opportunity to allow the double tap on the screen to start the device and join another increasing rank of smartphones that use this feature.


The camera of Galaxy Note Edge comes with a 16 megapixel, which may not match the iPhone 6s camera but is still better than many other Android smartphones and protrudes in the phone backside. May phone brands get away with phone unit sticking, and the note edge does the same though it does not look bad aesthetically.


The 3000 mAh Samsung Galaxy Note Edge battery comes hidden behind the cover, and it is slightly smaller than the Note 4 3220 mAh battery. Though the display is smaller in the case of Note Edge, the high resolution consumes more power, making it last for just about a day.

The Verdict



  • Battery life lasts a single day
  • Struggles with high performance
  • S Pen is not convincing

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