Samsung Galaxy A03 Review – Specifications, Features & Price


The Samsung Galaxy A03  is an entry-level smartphone with basic and standard features. In this Samsung Galaxy A03  review, we have a model that may not have the most efficient processor, better screen quality, or camera. However, the device has a strong battery that gives good screen time.

Is this Samsung mobile model worth a buy? Let’s find out here.

Samsung Galaxy A03 – Specifications

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy A03  specs, the memory and internal processor are slightly disappointed. The phone has a 1.6 GHz cloaking speed. The octa-core processor performance is subtle, though not quite capable of handling games and multitasking. It is suitable for playing light games and carrying out basic tasks without hassle. The customization feature allows one to add RAM and storage options. The primary variant of Galaxy A03 comes with 32 GB Storage and 3 GB RAM, and the superior variant offers 64 GB to 128 GB storage and 4 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy A03 – Design and Display

Like most entry-level mobile phones, the Samsung Galaxy A03  has a plastic build and simple looking layout. The phone has a dual squircle camera on the backside, resembling the design Motorola Moto G100 had. The Galaxy A03 comes in three color options Red, Blue, and Black, which provides a minimalistic look.

The phone, however, does not provide a back-mounted or side-mounted fingerprint reader. The design is a bit bulky due to its large battery capacity. This increase in thickness of the device to 9.1 mm reduces the holding experience.

The front screen of 6.5 inches PLS TFT LCD panel has a 20:9 screen body display ratio. The screen resolution of 720p offers bold colors when watching content. As a buyer, one should realize that this is just a basic phone with lower resolution, glass protection, HDR primary display capabilities, and a lower refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy A03 – Camera

Here it is worth noting that the Galaxy A03 provides a 48 MP dual camera, unlike most other entry-level phones that offer a 13MP lens as their primary shooting camera. Apart from the main lens, the camera board offers a 2MP depth lens with LED Flash apart from the primary lens. With this setting, one cannot expect great photos from selfie mode. The overall quality of the camera performance is good during daylight, but in a low light area, it is poor.

The video recording is also below average as it can record videos up to 1080p. There is no video stabilization support resulting in grainy images.

Samsung Galaxy A03 – Battery

The battery performance is noteworthy as the phone comes with a Li-Po battery capacity of 5000 math that gives a full-screen time of 6 hours continually. This is the only good feature compared to others in this model. The phone, however, does not support fast charging and takes a few hours to recharge the battery.

The phone’s internal sensors may be slighter inferior to competition except that the Bluetooth sensor is standard like another basic phone.

For an entry-level phone, the Samsung Galaxy A03  price is $150 approximately, which is reasonable for the features it provides.


The Samsung Galaxy A03 main USP would be its strong battery performance. If one is looking for a low-cost phone with robust performance, this is the model to go for.

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