Analogue Pocket – A Handheld Retro Gaming Device with a Modern Vibe

Retro gaming enthusiasts have always complained about the cumbersome methods of modifying Old Game Boys to make it compatible with LCDs. With the introduction of the Analogue Pocket, a terrific retro gaming handheld, retro gaming enthusiasts can forget their earlier troubles and highly enjoy the game. The hardships of dealing with classic hardware are now things of the past. The elegantly designed handheld device not only meets all the expectations of retro gaming enthusiasts but sometimes even exceeds it. Handheld gamers no more have to think about making elaborate arrangements with old Game Gears and adding battery mods or custom-made soundboards. The Pocket does it all but without any soldering. The ease of enjoying the games by bypassing the cumbersome manual arrangement gives enough reasons to cheer.

Analogue Pocket – An Advanced Gaming Handheld

Retro-purists might derive immense satisfaction by playing original software with original hardware. But when you load your copy of Pokemon Red into an OG Game Boy, you must be ready to compromise on several aspects. You must pay constant attention to the batteries and accept the absence of backlight and poor quality sound. Any analogue pocket review is praise for the Pocket because it overcomes the limitations of the earlier generation of handhelds like the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. The company has given a modern touch to the vintage gaming system of the 90s by including music-making software, an accessory for TV/Video out, and many other things to make the device perform outstandingly. The Pocket allows you to enjoy your handheld gaming collection in the best possible way.

Design and Features

Even before you open the box, the looks of the box will convince you that there is something special inside the box, the same as you would feel when unpacking an iPhone. The quality of the box hints at what is inside and helps create the first impression that gets a boost when you see the device. Compared to the original Game Boy, the Pocket is slightly taller and thinner. It measures 5.86″x3.46″x0.86″thick and extra buttons. The black or white-colored device looks elegant, sophisticated, and modern. The weight and heft of the Pocket are quite noticeable. The minimalist design of the Pocket gives a feel of giving life to a concept design. It has four unmarked face buttons and a standard D-pad that facilitates playing more games than Game Boy. The two L and R buttons are at the back.


The Pocket’s body has a polycarbonate front and a metallic back. Along the edges, you will find the Game Boy link cable port, a micro-SD slot, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a USB-C connector. The 4300 mAh battery is similar to iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the company promises a battery life of 6-10 hours. With an optional 18W Fast Charging Power Supply, the battery will charge 50% faster than other chargers. Although named Pocket, the device does not quite fit in the Pocket; instead, it is more convenient to carry it in your backpack.


The 3.5-inch screen has a 1600×1440 display of 615 PPI which is ten times better than the resolution of Game Boy and Game Boy Colors, has a screen resolution of 160 x144. The display resembles an iPhone rather than a dedicated handheld like the Switch Oled with 720p resolution and293 PPI. Regardless of the system of the cart, you are playing, the images and colors are crisp and vibrant. Game Boy games have quadruple color shades of black, white, green, and purple, which is optional, and it’s a treat for the eyes to enjoy the gorgeous backlit display. The pleasure of viewing the display without ghosting or blurring is simply exceptional.


The Pocket has two shoulder buttons on the back that are easy to reach and actuate. All buttons give a solid feel, neither soft nor mushy nor clicky. Besides the control buttons, there is an Analogue logo button that you can press to return to the menu screen.

The Analogue Pocket is setting a new standard for retro handheld games by building upon the fundamental pillar of retro gaming with relevant modern tweaks. As the device relies on authentic cartridges, it is entirely legal.

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