Xiaomi Phone – A Classic Phone with Few Designs Flaws


The Xiaomi 11T is similar to the Xiaomi Mi 11, but it was launched in the west without the Mi branding. The model is slightly tweaked and has a more fresh design, faster charging, and a different camera.

Xiaomi 11T- Design

The Xiaomi phone comes in three colors: Celestial Blue, Moonlight White, and meteorite Gray. The design is generic, and the size is a bit bulky. The large display, however, makes the video playback great. The body is made of a strong aluminum frame and a polycarbonate back that holds the camera. The phone has an IP53 rating making it both water and dustproof. A dual SIM slot and a USB-C slot for charging, but it lacks a microSD card slot. The side-mounted fingerprint scanner is meant for biometrics.

The phone boasts an AMOLED, FHD+ flat 6.67-inch screen and selfie camera at the center of the display. The smooth visuals result from a 120 Hz refresh rate. However, the choice is limited to only 60 Hz or 120 Hz and variable refresh rate option.

The phone does not include a 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, its dual speaker ensures sound that is a punch supporting Dolby Atmos.

Xiaomi 11T- Specification

The Xiaomi 11T specs include two configurations of 128 GB or 256 GB storage and standard 8 GB RAM. The Media Tek 1200 ultra-sensor is not as powerful as the Snapdragon 888 provided in the 11T Pro, and the everyday multitasking is impressive.

Xiaomi 11T- Camera

The Xiaomi phone camera is triple set up in the rear with a 109 MP lens and Samsung ISOCELL sensor. The images are crisp and clear and with realistic colors. There is a drop in quality when indoor shots are taken compared to bright outdoors, but this is common among mid-range phones. There is a 16 MP selfie camera in the front and an 8 MP ultra-wide sensor with a decent view. One can record up to 4K at 30 fps for video.

Xiaomi 11T- Battery

The phone comes with a powerful 5000 mAh battery that allows one to use it extensively without charging for at least two days, provided the refresh rate is kept up to 60 Hz. It comes with a 67W charger that charges from zero to 87 % in just 30 minutes. There is, however, no wireless charging facility.

Xiaomi 11T- Software

With an Android 11 platform, swiping down from the top can access the settings and notifications. Some pre-installed apps add to the clutter, some of which cannot be removed. Like M11, one cannot get Disney+ on this model.

Xiaomi 11T- Price and availability 

The Xiaomi 11T is available for around $ 389 for 18 GB storage and 8 GB RAM on Amazon.com. On can also buy directly from Xiaomi or get imported from AliExpress. Currently, it is not available with retailers in the U.S.


The Xiaomi 11T review of the different features reveals the phone has its pros and cons. A flat design and cluttered software are compensated by decent performance, crisp 120Hz display, compelling camera, and robust battery, making it competitive in the mid-segment range.

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