Valve Steam Deck Gaming PC Review

After years of leaks, rumors, and speculation, the Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming console that allows players to carry their Steam library. It’s based around the unique SteamOS and AMD’s custom CPU and graphics technology. Although the Linux-based portable gaming PC can run a surprising number of Windows games, attaching it to a monitor or TV is difficult, and emulation needs some setup.


The Valve Steam Deck gaming PC features a bulky plastic casing and a large profile, giving it the appearance of an older gaming gadget. For lengthy play sessions, the device is a foot wide and uncomfortable to use, and people will have trouble reaching some buttons without stretching with smaller hands.


With older Valve Steam Deck games like Portal 2 and side-scroller Dead Cells, the custom AMD processor easily outperforms the desktop computer, achieving a consistent and smooth 60fps. Control and Metal Gear Solid V, two newer, next-gen, and more demanding games look fantastic on the Steam Deck and run consistently at 30fps. Even titles that haven’t been upgraded, particularly for the Valve Steam Deck – such as Red Dead Redemption II – performed admirably on it.

Also, the Steam platform is based on an open Linux foundation. Anybody may install whatever software they want, from vintage emulators to video streaming services to the Windows operating system and Xbox Game Pass.


The display’s resolution is lower than anyone would expect from a typical gaming monitor. Still, it’s certainly adequate for a portable gaming PC. The lower resolution frees up more memory space for improved performance and battery life.


Four face buttons, a directional pad, two pairs of shoulder buttons, two pairs of rear buttons, twin thumbsticks (each with a touch sensor), and gyro controls for precision aiming are all included. The touchscreen display is already being utilized in games like No Man’s Sky, and a final pair of haptic touchpads may be used as mouse controls or as a replacement for the thumbsticks. Most Valve Steam Deck games include community-created control setups that can be accessed with a single click.

Battery Life

The Steam Deck’s major flaw is its battery life. The battery on the pocket device drains quickly, and some visually demanding games may deplete a battery in as little as two hours of gameplay. When the Steam Deck gets rolling, its fans help protect the gadget from overheating.


The Valve Steam Deck gaming PC is the most ground-breaking development in recent memory. The handheld’s short battery life is a huge stumbling block for anybody planning on bringing it on a long-haul journey anytime soon. However, for most use scenarios, plugging it in every few hours is more an annoying nuisance than a deal-breaker.

The Valve Steam Deck is now available for purchase, and it’s one of the most intriguing, if not miraculous, pieces of gaming hardware available today. With aggressive pricing, extensive modding support, and the entire weight of the Steam catalog behind it, it seems like the beginning of a new generation for PC gaming.

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