Elecjet’s Graphene Power Bank – A Champion Supporting Fast Charging

Not carrying a power bank when you are venturing outdoors can dent your confidence because you are always afraid that your smartphone battery will let you down at any moment. No matter how careful you might be in charging your phone regularly before leaving home, there are chances of missing out on an odd occasion. And then you feel all at sea if your smartphone battery suddenly drains out. Having a power bank helps to avoid any problems due to battery exhaustion. Just plug in the power bank to the phone and wait for some time before the phone comes back to life again. But if you want speedy charging, then you must have Elecjet’s graphene power bank, the new Apollo Ultra, with an incredible charging speed of 30 minutes for fully charging a dead 10,000mAh portable battery from zero.

What’s special about a Graphene power bank?

Everyone likes speedy charging of their devices, especially when moving outdoors, for which everyone relies on some power bank. But power banks can have various charging times, and only a few are fast charging. The charging speed depends on the power bank’s capacity. The higher the capacity, the larger the power bank, which can be inconvenient to carry because of its heavyweight and big size. The elecjet power bank Apollo Ultra provides the perfect solution by packing immense power to charge a battery 5-6 times faster than a traditional power bank of the same capacity.

Graphene is a one-atom-thick lattice of carbon that can accelerate the charging characteristics and speed when used in a composite form in an electrode. Elecjet applies the technique in its new 10,000mAh power bank. Besides speedy charging, the company claims that the power bank will be exceptionally long-lasting. The power bank can support more than 2,500 charging cycles by consuming slightly more than 20% of its capacity. If you compare it with conventional lithium-ion power banks, the Apollo Ultra lasts 4-5 times longer in a single charge.

Apollo Ultra configuration and specifications

The Ultra Apollo power bank is a sleek device about 5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 0.75 inches thick, weighing about 8 oz. The size is attractive for quickly slipping the power bank into your pocket or purse.

The Apollo Ultra from Elecjet is like any other lithium-ion battery power bank. Still, Real Graphene’s proprietary battery technology packs immense power in the power bank that ensures its exceptional performance. The power bank has two USB ports – one USB-A and another USB-C 3.0. The USB-C port ensures quick charging of the power bank by accepting up to 100W power, which can then provide 65W output and charge several laptops simultaneously. The power bank supports Samsung’s PPS fast charging technology and can charge a smartphone 2-3 times. The max output generated by the USB-A port is 18W.

When attached to a powerful 100W wall charger, the Apollo Charger will fully charge from zero in only 27 minutes. Testing has shown that the company’s claim is valid in almost all cases.

Massive support for your devices

Having a fully charged Apollo Ultra power bank gives you complete peace of mind because the incredible powerhouse can charge several devices from your iPads, iPhones, AirPods, and even Mac many times. The power bank allows for pass-through charging, which means that you can simultaneously charge your smartphone and the power bank. Although the feature provides some advantages, it can damage the battery life. However, charging two devices at a time, like your iPhone and iPad, can slow down the charging speed as found during testing. The Apollo Ultra is an incredible device because it never gets hot either when charging other devices or charging the power bank.

The power bank has enough safety features that protect it and other devices from overcharge, current surge, and short circuits. The temperature during charging is much lower, as evident from the power bank remaining cool when charging, eliminating the possibility of burning or cell swelling.

The Apollo Ultra graphene power bank can charge all devices at high speed and is a genuine Fast Charging Power Bank with a digital display of the charging level.

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