Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Ensures Efficient & Convenient Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning devices that perform various cleaning functions are so versatile that these have become must-haves for households that want to maintain high cleanliness with the least effort. Earlier, we had seen the corded Crossover cleaner that offered enough convenience. Now we have the Bissell Crosswave cordless max cleaner, which is a few notches above the corded version for convenience, versatility, and efficiency. The device is a multi-purpose cleaner that can perform various wet and dry cleaning functions that aid routine housekeeping activities. You can use the Bissell Crosswave cordless max self-cleaning machine for carpet cleaning by vacuuming and shampooing. Moreover, the equipment can do hard floor mopping and other cleanings involving light or heavy vacuum. Maintaining carpets is now a breeze as the all-rounder equipment makes the tough task easy to accomplish.

Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max

An easy-to-use dry/wet cleaner, the Bissell Crosswave cordless max self cleaning equipment is a true all-rounder because of its multiple cleaning capabilities. The powerful vacuum cleaner t can clean hard floors and carpets with the same ease to keep your home clean and maintain a healthy indoor environment. It means that the equipment is more than a vacuum cleaner as it can clean wet and dry while mopping floors. Not only is this model more powerful than the earlier corded cleaner but lighter too, which makes it convenient for extended use. Carpets, rugs, and floors will always be clean as you can clean it with the cleaner whenever there is a spill or your pet makes some mischief and makes the carpet or floor dirty.

Design And Features

Names can sometimes be deceptive, as with the CrossWave Cordless Max. Although Max hints at a bigger machine, the equipment is not bigger than the CrossWave Cordless predecessor. The device is lightweight too and weighs only 5.22 kg which is lighter than the previous model. The cleaning performance is also much improved due to some changes in the design that you can know about from any Crosswave cordless max review.

The machine has a reduced cleaning width, but the floor cleaning brush is thicker and absorbs a larger volume of dust and dirt to ensure thorough cleaning. The roller has some unique features that keep loosening the dust, dirt, and grime from the surface so that the vacuum can suck it completely. After completing the cleaning rounds of your home, you can put the equipment on the charging dock and press the self-clean button to clean the brush automatically.


The lean and mean machine looks sleek and handy because of its size, measuring 115.66cm (H) X 26.0 cm (W) x 25.0 cm (D), and runs on a 36v rechargeable battery that lasts for 30 minutes on a single charge. The charging time for the batteries is 4 hours. The cleaning patch’s width is 10.5 inches, and the noise emission level is about 75 decibels.

The machine has a 0.83-liter tank for pouring the cleaning agent or a detergent solution in water during wet cleaning. The tank’s fill lines help avoid overfilling and prevent wastage of detergent or cleaning agents.


Switching on the power button activates the cleaner, and you can start cleaning by selecting the desired mode depending on whether you are cleaning the rug or a hard floor. As you move the equipment across an area, it keeps sucking the dust and dirt, and if needed, you can press the trigger for spraying the liquid cleaner to perform wet cleaning. The floor cleaner will soon suck away the dirty water and all dirt and debris that collects in the waste tank. Since the batter lasts for 30 minutes only, you must plan your cleaning sequence thoughtfully so that you can use the equipment optimally while covering more area during cleaning. Since the vacuuming and wet cleaning takes place simultaneously, it saves the time you would have given to vacuum the room first, followed by wet cleaning.

The Bissell Crosswave cordless max comes with a two-year limited warranty, and its easy maneuverability (because it’s cordless) makes light of the hard work as you can clean all areas thoroughly with the least effort.

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