Nespresso Vertuo Pods- Enjoy the Magic of Silky Smooth, High-Quality Coffee

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a comforting sip at a cup of coffee in the morning before that signals the beginning of the day on a positive note. A delicious cup of coffee in the morning is just what you need to get rid of the slumber and laziness that grasps you as you struggle to leave the bed. But once you take the first sip of your choicest coffee, you are a changed person, ready to go through the grind of the day with a smiling face. There’s hardly anything better than the Nespresso Vertuo Pods that help prepare your coffee at express speed to prime you up for doing complete justice to the to-do list that drives you ahead.

Nespresso coffee has a special appeal to its fans who swear by the Vertuoline series to prepare the strong coffee with a creamy and frothy layer with a slightly bitter taste that lifts the spirit in the first gulp. The coffee is so refreshing and energizing that no one minds being addicted to it.

Select Only the Best Pods!

To select your choicest coffee from the huge variety of pods and capsules, you must take help from some Nespresso vertuo pod reviews that cut a long story short and points to the types generally loved by most people. So, here we go.

  • Mild Roast Coffee, Half Caffeinato Nespresso Vertuo Pods

The Nespresso vertuo capsules Half Caffeinato is mild roast coffee that brews 7.8 oz and contains 30 count coffee pods. This variety of Nespresso coffee is a blend of Arabicas obtained from Africa and Brazil with a sweet, light character with notes of biscuits, nuts, and caramel notes. The 30 coffee pods belonging to the Nespresso Vertuoline range can serve 7.8 oz of coffee, ensuring a more extended drinking experience. The smooth texture results from blending caffeinated and de-caffeinated Arabicas packed within the Nespresso capsules that produce a beverage of medium intensity. The special flavor of the coffee will make you feel chocolaty.

  • Altisso, Nespresso Vertuoline Espresso

If you want some more volume, choosing the Altissimo, Nespresso Vertuoline Espresso containing coffee pods equivalent to 1.35 oz brew should suit you fine. It especially serves those who try to experiment with something new and unique. The package has 10 Nespresso vertuo capsules that produce a brew that will surprise you with its flavor and taste. Made from Costa Rica’s and South America’s highly-roasted Arabica coffee, the creamy, full-bodied, smooth espresso coffee derives its power from the notes of cereals. You are making an eco-friendly choice with Altissimo because of the aluminum pods that are 100% recyclable. It’s a great way to enjoy traditional espresso coffee that provides the required dose of refreshment.

  • Solelio, Mild Roast coffee

The Solelio is an amalgam of red fruit aromas and toasted cereals mixed with Kenyan and Colombian Arabicas to provide a light fruity beverage. If you favor lower bodied blend, then this coffee is for you. The balance between the roasted pods and the flavor is perfect for serving 7.8 oz with 30 coffee pods in a pack. Interestingly, the intensity of the brew is low so making it the ideal coffee for the morning reduces the chances of acidity significantly. It is the perfect morning drink when you are on holiday as you can enjoy longer drinking sessions with vertuo pods.

  • Melozio, Medium Roast Coffee

Your search for the best Nespresso Vertuo Pods could end when you lay your hands on Melozio; medium roasted coffee with a natural flavor and slight sweetness. The coffee combines quality Arabicas from Central America and Brazilian Bourbon, providing smoothness and balance to the medium roast coffee that produces the most lovable rounded drink. Overriding the smoothness, you will enjoy the medium intensity of the drink resulting from the roasting process of the coffee beans that gives character to the well-balanced beverage. You can innovate and create your drink by adding frothed milk to the coffee that prepares a unique drink for you. It’s a move in the right direction if you intend to taste some new latte without giving up the traditional cappuccino style. The natural, earthy flavor of the coffee made from Nespresso Vertuo Pods has its attraction.

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