4 Best Compact Printer Models & Brands to Consider

As ‘work from home’ becomes a dominant trait of the new hybrid work culture due to the Covid19 pandemic, the demand for compact printers for homes has gone up considerably. People want the best compact printer that does not help office goers but is helpful for the kids also when they attend online learning sessions. The compact design and size of the printer make it perfect for home use, and you can conveniently place it even within small spaces. Moreover, these lightweight printers are highly portable that ensuring more flexibility for home users who might have to their workstations, if need be.

Four Best Compact Printers to Buy

Here are some compact printers for you to consider.

1. HP OfficeJet All-in-One 250 – The Best Compact Printer

HP OfficeJet All-in-One 250 - the best compact printer

Your search for an HP compact printer should end when you spot the HP OfficeJet All-in-One 250 because it is the best in its category due to its superb all-around performance. The multi-purpose printer is a true all-rounder because of the ease of use and outstanding printing, scanning, and copying performance. Besides ensuring excellent print quality without any flaws, the printer has so many extra features that you would not even expect in a full-size printer.   Having a scanner with the printer is a bonus as you get much more than what you pay for.   The quiet printer operation is highly pleasing, and the print speed of 7-8 pages a minute is quite acceptable for home use.

The 4800×1200 dpi print resolution is the best for such a small compact printer that is slightly heavy. You can remove the battery pack and reinstall it after relocation for easy portability. The printer has Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and USB connectivity for connecting it with any device, including smartphones.

2. Canon Pixma TR 150 All-in-one Wireless Ink-Jet Printer

Canon Pixma TR 150 All-in-one wireless Ink Jet printer

For small volume occasional printing, the Canon Pixma TR 150 All-in-one wireless Ink Jet printer is just the printer that you need. The small, lightweight (3.8 kg) printer produces excellent prints of 4800 x1200 DPI from any device like your computer, smartphone, and tablet to which you can connect the printer via Wi-Fi. The printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print and Apple Air Print so that you can take out prints even when you are on the go. The printer measures 322mm (L) x 210mm (W)x 66mm (H) with a battery, and you can conveniently carry it in your backpack. The inclusion of the battery in this model is a vast improvement over the earlier models that did not have any battery.

3. Brother PocketJet PJ763 Thermal Paper Printer

Brother PocketJet PJ763 Thermal paper printer

The Brother PocketJet PJ763 belies the looks as the design is entirely different from the traditional compact printers that we see around. Yet, it is a beautiful compact home printer, highly portable due to its lightweight. The printer weighs only 1.25 pounds and measures 10.04”(L)x 2.17″(W)x1.17″(H). The printer is ideal for those who want to carry a printer wherever they go and is especially popular among contractors. They can print a quotation, invoice, or any other document when visiting customers because the battery-powered device provides a viable option of printing anywhere by using a Wi-Fi connection. The printer uses thermal paper only, which is obvious for such a small printer. Although you get sharp, distinct prints, you must be happy with the monochrome print.

4. HP DeskJet 375

HP DeskJet 375

The HP DeskJet 375 is a cheaper inkjet printer with no battery. The 5.1 lbs printer is not exactly portable, but you can move it with some effort. The printer with USB and Wi-Fi connectivity has a paper tray that holds 60 sheets, and the size is small enough to stake a claim as a compact printer. As opinions vary, some may not agree with the view. Anyway, it’s a good printer for home use for printing moderate volume but intermittently.   Like most other HP printer models, this too can print, copy and scan. The print quality is satisfactory, and all operations are manual as it does not have an automatic document feeder. Since the printer does not have a flatbed scanner, you need to pass the document to accomplish scanning tasks.

Now it should be easy for you to choose the best compact printer.

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