All-Time Best Gamecube Classic Games That Evokes Nostalgia

The GameCube is an interesting Nintendo Console. However, it is obsolete now but still finding takers thanks to nostalgia, and it is now categorized as a retro system. Some of the best GameCube games brought by Nintendo include the Metroid Prime Series.

There is no Classic GameCube yet, so to play these GameCube games, you need to take out the original GameCube or dig out and dust the Nintendo Wii. Given the high cost of components of Wii, it is better to play the game on Modern Televisions.

The Best GameCube Games of All Time

Here are some of the games from the classical GameCube platform to relieve the past nostalgia.

  • Metroid Prime

metroid prime

This classic GameCube game was released on November 17, 2002. This game redefined the classic franchisee of Nintendo, delivering to console owners an immersive package that made an entry into the 3D era. Metroid Prime made its mark on GameCube.

The Metroid prime is around 14 hours in length, and you are likely to spend 18 hours completing the game if you are a gamer. The introduction to the game is fantastic and sets up the game perfectly, and the multi-layered atmosphere makes Prime amazing.

The Metroid games on GameCube were the best-selling series with about 2.84 million sales. In total, 15 Metroid games have combined sold 18 million units.

  • Resident Evil 4

resident evil

Resident Evil 4 game was released in January 2005.   It is one of the best GameCube games to be released on GameCube, and it had the same positive impact for Game Cube what Super Mario did for SNES. The game is visually impressive, has true vision, and is designed flawlessly.

In this game, the players control a special agent of the U.S. Government who is assigned a mission to rescue the President’s daughter, who a cult group kidnaps. The special agent fights a horde of villagers infected by a mind-controlling parasite in rural Europe. The game is fifteen and a half hours long, and a gamer would take double the time to complete it to see all the aspects of the game.

  • Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Eternal Darkness Sanity

This game was released on June 23, 2002. It is one of those rare, unconventional games that break traditional gameplay. The title makes you feel insane while playing this game. The game is about a brave young woman who undertakes a journey to find the truth about her grandfather’s death. This innovative thriller controls 12 plus characters and features a compelling and abnormal storyline uncommon for games.

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

This game was released on March 24, 2004, by Nintendo. The fans loved the magic Zelda franchise, and the games boasted tight controls and brilliant designs that made Nintendo so famous. The game is 29 hours long, and a gamer would take double the time to complete it.

  • Super Smash Bros. Melee

super smash bros.meele

This game was released in December 2001. This game is any Nintendo fan dream as it features the best characters from every significant franchise of Nintendo. The fun GameCube game is about 10 hours long.

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