5 Google Games to Play Online via Google Play Pass Subscription

Since September 2019, Google Games Pass, an app subscription service that gives access to hundreds of awesome Google games to play online. The ads-free gaming experience is highly enjoyable, and gamers who want to get the most from their favorite games can benefit immensely by subscribing to the scheme. The subscription helps to save some good bucks on indie-developed games and premium apps. The returns are very high if you spend only $5 a month on the subscription. The best part of the scheme is that all your favorite apps and games, along with saved data, remain intact even if you unsubscribe. On resuming the subscription, you get back all games you enjoyed earlier. 

5 Games to Play Online with Google Play Pass

The massive collection of Google play pass games will delight gaming enthusiasts, and they might find it challenging to pick and choose the games for such diverse genres. Here are some games that rank among the best and be the ones you are looking for.

  • Card Thief

card thief

The name of the game in Card Thief is Stealth. It’s a single-player game where you play the role of a thief trying to make his way through a deck of cards in pursuit of gathering treasures while remaining undetected. To refine the stealing skills, you can fall back upon the equipment cards but be careful not to try being too smart as it will reduce your sneak points, and you might get caught. Card Thief features deep strategies and daily challenges, and a decent progression system allows you to upgrade equipment cards as you successfully achieve your stealing goals. Fans of strategy card games will find Card Thief highly attractive, but they must be serious and invest time to learn the ropes as there is a steep learning curve to cope with.

  • Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal introduces you to the chaotic world of Portal while weaving the fun of physics into the game that includes GLaDOS, who might be a friend you met earlier. In the game, you are an engineer tasked with building robust structures suitable for carrying vehicles from one point to another. Besides concentrating on your task to ensure that you complete it nicely, you must also handle an assortment of goodies, including cubes, propulsion and repulsion gels for the Portal, and much more. The Aperture Science Enrichment Center maintains the inventory of these items. The simple game that ranks among the top Google play games can be highly addictive, which you must be aware of to ensure that you stay in control and avoid addiction.

  • Kraken Land

Kraken Land

Kraken Land is a game for adventure lovers. It’s a story about a small Kraken that engages in all kinds of activities and antics like jumping and running while trying to destroy its enemies as it progresses through different levels. Rewards await you as you successfully traverse through each level that sustains the interest and encourages you to scale new heights for earning more rewards. The game’s presentation is superb on different screen sizes of smartphones and will keep you engrossed all through. 

  • Lumino City

lumino city

Lumino City is another adventurous game among the Google play pass best games is a puzzle game made from paper and cards, wholly handcrafted and decorated with motors and miniature lights. The excellent eye-catching visuals have helped the game win a few awards that seem most deserving. Lumi is a little girl and the protagonist of the story whose exploits add excitement to the game and makes it more interesting. She is on a mission to rescue her kidnapped grandfather, which takes her on a journey to explore the city while finding out where the kidnappers are holding her grandfather hostage.

  • Chameleon Run

chameleon run

Speed is the name of the game in Chameleon Run, and you would find yourself jumping and dashing across various platforms. The qualities of a Chameleon help you change your colors while you can dart swiftly from one place to another by using your extraordinary jumping skills. You have to cover different courses by using your skills but keeping in mind that you can touch only those objects that match your color.

For maximum enjoyment from the Google games to play online, you must consider the genres that attract you. 

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