The Best Smart Displays In 2022

Is there any difference between the best smart displays and, average smart speakers? The screens make them look like tablets attached to speakers, so they’re ideal for a kitchen counter or bedside table.

When you have a smart display in a clear line of sight, you can use it while cooking, view your security camera feed, control the most popular smart home devices, host video chats, and watch videos. While some of the best smart speakers work with both Alexa and Google Assistant simultaneously, on the other hand, some of the best smart displays only work with a single assistant. Amazon Alexa powers the Echo Show, while Google Assistant runs on Nest Hub devices. Google Assistant is also integrated into Lenovo’s smart displays.

The market offers a large number of options. Below you will find our list of the best smart displays.

Smart displays

1. Google Nest Hub (Gen 2)


  • Glass display without edges
  • The accurate tracking of sleep
  • Program integration for YouTube and Google

Besides being a speaker for music, the Nest Hub (2nd Gen) can be used for Google Assistant commands, as a communication device, and as a screen. Also, one of the few smart displays that track your sleep. When placed on your nightstand, it measures how you sleep using a radar sensor chip.

You can also play YouTube videos with Soli’s superpowers or snooze a morning alarm with its air gestures. They don’t always work. As for sound quality, there is an improvement over the first-generation Google Nest Hub, and it is among the best Google Home speakers. It does not come with a camera, so you can’t use it to make video calls.

2. Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

  • This rotating display is really cool
  • Great audio quality

Alexa’s best skills are available on the Echo Show thanks to its 10-inch display. Display size and resolution are the same as previous models, but the Echo Show 10 has a special feature: it rotates so that the whole screen is always focused on you. Moreover, it features digital pan-and-zoom, so when you use the Echo Show to make a video call, a 13MP camera will maintain your focus as you’re moving around the kitchen or managing multiple families at the same time.

Additionally, the large display serves as a central hub for all your smart home devices, so they can be controlled from one place.

3. Google Nest Hub Max


  • Excellent sound quality
  • An innovative motion-tracking system
  • Displays photo albums beautifully

Google Nest Hub Max is not just one of the best smart displays, but it’s a great-sounding smart speaker. You can follow step-by-step recipes using touch controls and control your smart home devices with voice commands using the display, or you can get a glimpse of how long your commute will be each morning with hands-free voice commands. With Google Nest Hub Max, you can watch Netflix and see what’s happening simultaneously.

A Nest Hub Max’s camera lets you make video calls, and it has a clever motion-tracking feature that keeps you in the middle of the picture as you move around. You can’t stay still in front of the display when you’re preparing food in the kitchen. Although we wish the camera had a physical switch for privacy, like the one on the Echo Show displays.

4. Amazon Echo Show 15


  • Display with a large screen
  • It’s great to have widgets
  • Personalized content is displayed in Visual ID

This smart display for your wall costs $249 from Amazon. This Echo Show device operates more like a smart home control center and less like a speaker, putting a higher emphasis on the screen’s size and interface than on the quality of audio and video.

Echo Show 15 includes a large touchscreen for engaging with family members, leaving notes, and more. It is designed to be located in a high-traffic area in your home. The app allows each family member to set up a profile with visual identification. They will see custom communication options and information according to their schedule when they pass by. In addition to widgets like sticky notes and to-do lists, this smart display gives you smart home controls that make it easy to view your Ring doorbell feed. Its speakers are weak, and its camera tracking is less advanced than the Echo Show 10.

5. Lenovo Smart Clock 2


  • Convenient design
  • Charging base with wireless technology

With its highly compact design and appealing base accessory, Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is the company’s best Google Assistant smart display for nightstands. The clock doubles as a wireless phone charger with a nightlight and USB-A port.

It’s not a sophisticated smart display like some of the others on this list as it doesn’t have a camera to make video calls and only a small display dedicated to showing photos or the time. Lenovo Smart Clock 2, however, makes up for its lack of sophistication with its simplicity, and its simple design makes it a suitable decor item with a modern twist.


Based on your needs, you can choose a smart display that meets your needs based on your needs. Want something that will replace your alarm clock in the kitchen or something that can guide you through recipes step-by-step? Want to make voice-activated video calls or keep your family organized? Smart displays are the best choice.

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