4 Free Video Games – All-Time Favorites Among Socializing Games Online

Socializing became a hot topic during the pandemic when the stress of physical isolation led to social isolation that caused loneliness and frustration and damaging mental health. To combat the fatigue of extended home confinement, people took to social networking in a big way, and connecting with others online was most enjoyable and refreshing. Conversations can stale if you continuously engage with the same groups of people at close intervals, often for long stretches. The best way to maintain interest in engaging with people is to play online games that expand the scope of interactions besides relaxing the mind and providing entertainment. However, socializing games online are entirely different from the traditional video games that can turn gamers into gaming addicts who play the games uninterrupted for many hours.

The Specialty of Socializing Games Online

The online games that help socialize are not ordinary games but tools explicitly created to encourage group activity that refreshes and relaxes the mind. The games are highly entertaining too. When you play games like ‘Among Us,’ a multi-player game that became highly popular during the pandemic, you can sign up from your smartphone and engage with several other players to enjoy the thrills and excitement that rejuvenates the mind. You feel happy after the gaming session, and the interactions with other players stimulate the mind. The games can enliven the gloomy environment as you feel cheerful and glad to be among people who play the game with a competitive spirit. The most exciting aspect of socializing games is that they do not require a gaming experience.

Four Free Online Games to Foster Social Interaction & Combat Stress

Here are some free online social games that help facilitate your social connections while busting stress and providing mental enrichment that makes life more meaningful.

1. Among Us

among us free online games

‘Among Us’ is an online game that you can play with 4-15 players. Kids aged nine up are eligible for playing. ‘Among Us‘ is an engaging party game that underlines teamwork and betrayal. Crewmates work together to complete tasks while keeping an eye on impostors. You can vote the impostors out by calling emergency meetings, and you can even report dead bodies.

2. Plato

plato chat app games

Although Plato is a chat app, it doubles us as an entertainer due to the package of games that it offers to the app users. You will find several multi-player or group games within the app. The app package contains over 45 games like Ludo, Battleship, UNO, and an array of card games that are fun social games. You can have fun with friends and acquaintances by playing any games online. Regardless of the type of game you play, it stimulates the mind as you interact with others and try your best to outwit them with your gaming skills. The games are for people of all ages, and the group decides which type of game they want to play that everyone would enjoy.

3. Houseparty

houseparty game

When you feel isolated and alone during prolonged home confinement that physically prevents you from mixing with people, breaks the shackles of frustration by playing an online game like Houseparty. Houseparty is one of the best social games to cheer you up when the odds seem to throttle you. Playing the game will give you the feeling of getting the party started at home. The game’s beauty allows you to access several different games of similar themes without leaving the application. The games format support video chatting, and up to 8 players can play the games like Chips and Guac, Trivia, QuickDraw. Download the mobile version of the android and iOS compatible game to play it on your smartphone.

4. Time Heist

time heist battle team game

Time Heist is a battle of wits that pits two teams against each other. Each team picks a captain who is the only member allowed to view the screen during the game. The captains must put their teams to work to guess the answer of real trivia based on the category, century, and description. Fast, Regular, and Legend are the three playing modes you can choose from.

Many other socializing games online allow you to socialize virtually to take care of your wellbeing.

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