When an Excess of Syrupy Sweet Goes Wrong in the Extended 7th Season of Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation are a sitcom about employees in the local government in a fictional city named Pawnee in Indiana.

The series was created by Micheal Schur and Greg Daniels, who had earlier worked in the American version of The Office. If you plan to watch Parks and Recreation, start from the first season in 2009, with the seventh and final season ending in February 2015. In the six episodes of the first season, Amy Poehler plays the central character as Leslie Knope, the deputy department director, an ambitious but incompetent boss.

In the second season, Poehler comes across as someone whose enthusiasm was infectious, capable, confident, and optimistic in the face of challenges that included the never-ending town meetings that threatened the department’s closure.

Parks and Recreation Cast

Poehler is flanked by an eccentric team – Chris Pratt as Andy, the colleague who will google to find symptoms when you are ill. Her boss Ron, played by Nick Offerman, a libertarian who has a cynical take on everything. An example of him saying that one thing he hates more than lying is skimmed milk, which is water masquerading as milk.

Season 2 – 5: New Characters bring in The Laugh

The chemistry clicked after the new character Rob Lowe and Adam Scott was added as auditors Chris and Ben, and they arrived to help in the budget crisis. Out of the seven seasons, seasons two to five made the sitcom a good featuring a character who gave a good laugh to the viewers.

Though the slow blossoming romance and sudden wedding between Leslie and Ben was a joy to watch, the show was at the heart of friendship. Leslie was close to all her colleagues, especially Ron, whom she won over with her forceful personality and devoted to Ann, played by Rashida Jones, as her best friend. Rashida Jones works as a health department agent and nurse. Leslie once announced that one needs to remember what is important in life. According to her, among Friends, waffles, and work, work can come third, and it does not matter.

The show was disappointing in the finale that abandoned the idea that there were different types of relationships and pretense in the story that skipped ahead to show that every character gets married and leads a conventional life.  The Parks and Recreation were on Netflix at one point in time before it moved to another OTT platform.

A Different Ending, Perhaps?

The show could have ended differently. At the end of Season six, Leslie got promoted as regional director of National Swiss Parks of Midwest. She moved the job to Pawnee to keep her Team, and Michelle Obama dropped into the Indiana Parks and Recreation department. This could have been a perfect ending.

Surprisingly, the show came back for the seventh season recapping earlier seasons and testing viewers’ patience. In one episode, when Leslie had locked herself with Ron to resolve a dispute, though good as old-time, it could not act as filler. Then we had Bill Murray cameo and finally the bloated finale, which suggested that Leslie would become the president one day.

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