It Ends with Us – A Gripping Novel About Adult Love with a Focus on Domestic Violence

Colleen Hoover’s novel It Ends with Us is a crafty depiction of domestic violence mixed with ample doses of romantic tenderness laced with loads of emotion. It’s the story of a woman struggling to break the abuse cycle to create a space for a safe life involving her and her child by rising above the odds stacked against her. The book is a moving tale written with passion evident in the author’s writing style that readers enjoy and become her fan in no time. The book bears the typical marks of a Colleen Hoover novel with all the ingredients to inspire readers by closely relating to the characters, many of whom we are familiar with. Besides the inspirational quality, which is nothing new in Hoover’s novels, the book has the rare quality of touching our hearts and leaves an indelible mark.

It Ends with Us – The Novel about Harsh Truths

The romantic novel touches upon the most sensitive social issue about women who are victims of domestic violence. The author wants to tell a moving story and convey a strong message that appeals to the readers’ conscience. Hoover’s exquisite writing style keeps readers hooked to the story even when they are not reading; It Ends with Us book. The narrative is so real and touching that it is bound to cast a spell on the readers who enjoy an immersive experience. The plot does not have many surprising elements, but the characters’ behavior and attitude appear weird at times, especially during their interactions. The author uses every trick in the bag to tell the story in the garb of a romantic novel while nailing the hard truths about the painful lives of women who are victims of domestic violence.

A Novel That You Cannot Take Lightly

Unlike the typical novels of love and romance that try to add a feel-good factor to the stories from the start to end, It Ends with Us, Colleen Hoover takes a different approach in weaving a story to highlight a sensitive social issue. The author creates a multi-layered story by sprinkling romance that might appear a bit deceptive and belie your expectations of reading a light-hearted adult love story that thrives on a love triangle. Indeed, you could look upon it in that way to some extent but would also have to share the pains and tribulations of women who tell their tales of devastations when facing domestic violence.

A Novel For The Young Adult

This It Ends with Us summary should help you comprehend what you have read so far.

Lily, the protagonist of the story, had a turbulent childhood as she witnessed her mother abused by her father that deep scars in Lily’s mind even after she came to be on her own. Not being able to protect her mother, she felt utterly helpless as she could not do anything about it. Shedding her inhibitions of growing up in the small town of Maine and determined to get the life she wanted, Lily worked very hard work. After graduating, to live a life on her terms, she moves to Boston and becomes a small-time entrepreneur by starting her own business.

Here, life takes a new turn for Lily when she meets the suave and immensely handsome Dr. Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon who looks as charismatic as the men seen in men’s magazines. It was love at first sight for both, and suddenly it seemed to Lily as if life was too good to believe that it was all true. However, the relationship was never on an even keel because of their different perceptions about life. Lily doesn’t believe in one-night stands, and Ryle has reservations about relationships. However, they come closer over time. The aura of goodness vanishes in thin air within just 15 seconds on a day when Lily encounters a violent Ryle that breaks her heart. The story takes a new turn when Lily’s childhood love, Atlas Corrigan, appears in the scene.

The heart-wrenching novel It Ends with Us is a real tear-jerker packed with riveting drama but stitches the hearts of readers back together. The book tells the story about a topic that we usually shy away from discussing publicly.

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