3 Best Tax Software For 2022

The IRS agency is overwhelmed with unprocessed tax returns due to several complicated tax changes in 2022. By using the best tax software for 2022, you’ll save yourself a ton of hassle and stress when it comes to preparing your taxes, receiving the largest tax refund possible, and getting it quickly.

What you’ll use for the tax year 2021 represents what you’ll use for 2022’s best tax software. In 2022, getting live tax help in a streamlined procedure has become commonplace. Cash App Taxes and FreeTaxUSA are the only two services that do not have tax experts, and these are free. TurboTax and TaxAct provide fully virtual full-service options, while H&R Block offers a hybrid service.

Cryptocurrencies and side-hustle businesses have become popular among the self-employed. Many service providers have lowered their prices.

Top online tax sofwares

The Best Tax Software For 2022

1. Intuit Turbotax Deluxe 2021


  • Returned items are easily navigated
  • Provides full-service tax filing assistance
  • Automation of data entry is excellent
  • Strong support for cryptocurrencies

This year, TurboTax Deluxe 2021 edges out its competition with its available upgrades, making it a mainstay for the best tax software accolade. This year, TurboTax 2022 offers a smoother upgrade with all-virtual, full-service tax experts to handle the heavy lifting for you. These tiers are ideal for investors or holders of investments interested in cryptocurrencies.

TurboTax Live provides expert assistance. You don’t have to encounter actual tax forms on the user interface. TurboTax has improved its workflow so that users can have their taxes completed and filed by a tax professional remotely using its fully virtual Live Full Service. You can get TurboTax’s Basic Live Full Service for free for a limited time if your tax needs are straightforward.

2. H&R Block Deluxe 2022

H and r block

  • Visually appealing and elegant
  • Ample support is provided, and the language is clear

One of the best tax software programs we recommend is H&R Block Deluxe 2022. It stands out from the crowd with its thoughtful, efficient interface. This service explains complex tax jargon in plain English, making it easy for anyone to understand, as well as significantly reducing the costs of expert help, such as a tax professional reviewing and filing your taxes for you.

A new income hub has been introduced, considering the changes in society since the pandemic began. The updates bring topics such as the rise of self-employment, multiple forms of W2, and cryptocurrency investing gains to the forefront, enabling you to consider them earlier and more naturally throughout the process. With these and other improvements to its interface, H&R Block offers the cleanest and most friendly experience we’ve seen.

3. Taxslayer Classic 2022


  • A simple, affordable pricing structure
  • The classic version covers all tax situations
  • You can calculate your returns for up to four years
  • Advice from tax experts for Premium and Self-Employed taxpayers

If you want the benefits of more expensive tax software while saving money on taxes, TaxSlayer Classic 2022 is the right choice. While Cash App Taxes and FreeTaxUSA provide completely free service, TaxSlayer remains the most affordable way to file federal tax returns across various taxpayer situations, including those with investments and those who are self-employed.

Despite its high pricing and support structure, the service’s friendly interface and clear guidance are also one of TaxSlayer’s main differentiators. Only one other service, FreeTaxUSA, lets you file taxes online for the previous three years. TaxSlayer Classic isn’t as feature-rich as competitors like H&R Block and TurboTax, but it offers some features such as importing some W-2s by photo, so it still gets the job done.


Filing taxes is not easy for everyone, and tax Preparation Software’s primary goal is to simplify the tax filing process. Our study has led us to conclude that TurboTax is an excellent tax preparation software. This program can help you get rid of all your tax-related worries and even give you advice on maximizing your tax deductions.

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