The Amazon Fire 7: All You Need to Know

The Amazon Fire 7, originally known as the Kindle Fire, is a range of Amazon tablet computers with unbeatable functionalities and standout specifications. Since the first release from the Quanta Computer in November 2011, the tablet has gained appreciatable feedback, and today, it is among the most popular tablets in the market.

A Brief Background

After receiving a warm welcome from the end-users, the company worked on their subsequent launches adding updates and features as per market needs. The fourth-generation Kindle in September 2014, the drop of moniker “Kindle.” The fifth-generation Fire 7 was launched in September 2015, succeeded by the sixth-generation Fire HD 8 in the month of September 2016. In June 2017, the released the seventh-generation Fire 7. This year, the Fire 7 of the ninth generation was released in June.

Since the release of the Amazon Fire 7 tablet in 2011, it has become the de facto pick for bargain hunters and those who want to be a part of Amazon’s ecosystem. The 2019 Fire 7, Amazon’s most affordable model, is its most recent upgrade to its lineup. However, the Fire 7 is an uninspiring and irritating experience due to the lack of updates in the last two years. The Fire 7 has a lousy display, slow performance, and poor audio quality.

An overview

The Amazon Fire has a 7-inch multi-touch display with IPS technology that runs Fire OS, a modified version of Google’s Android operating system. It has a heap size of 96 MB in default.

Amazon Fire 7 Specifications

1. Feature


2. Design and Longevity

The Amazon Fire 7 looks almost identical to its predecessor from the exterior. A 7-inch LCD is mounted on the front, encircled by thick bezels. The back is matte plastic in three pastel colors or black (blue, green, or pink). There’s a 2MP camera and the Amazon logo in the top left corner.

3. Incredible Rootings

The Amazon Fire 7 Rooting, like any Android-based tablet, provides various benefits to the user, including increased capability via previously forbidden apps. Unfortunately, rooting isn’t as simple as it appears. While using the tools like Z4root to root phones and tablets, the method for rooting a Kindle Fire is a little more extensive. Unfortunately, rooting isn’t as straightforward as other Android smartphones.

The Bottom Lines

Amazon’s best-selling tablet, the Amazon Fire 7 32GB tablet, is now available with 32 GB of storage, a speedier quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM, and hands-free Alexa. Complete jobs, watch a movie on the go, look up recipes, or inquire about the weather using Alexa.

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