Taylor Jenkins Reid Books are Stories of Love, Relationship, and Historical Fiction

Daisy Jones and the Six, Malibu Rising, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, After I Do, Maybe in Another Life, and Forever Interrupted are titles of some Taylor Jenkins Reid books. All the six titles have made it to the list of bestselling novels of the New York Times, which speaks volumes about the capabilities of the young writer born on December 20, 1983. In her high school days, she started writing by storytelling, which became her forte. Her love for literature encouraged her to nurture her literary skills but becoming a writer was never her goal. But her creative urge kept nudging, and she started her career in film production. After graduating from Emerson College, she worked as a casting assistant for three years. In between her work, she continued to pursue her passion for writing that saw her publish the first book in 2013.

A Prolific Writer

The young writers are all prolific, and Taylor Jenkins Reid is no exception. The critically acclaimed writer has an interesting educational background that helped her hone her writing skills. If you search on the internet about Taylor Jenkins Reid education, you will know that she carefully nurtured her talent and passion for writing from her school days. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she graduated from Emerson College, ranking among the top 25 American film schools. Besides being a bestselling author, she is a screenwriter too. Her novels explore women’s issues, marriage, relationships, and the complete spectrum of love with all its complexity. She adapted much of her work for television and feature films and has written a short story for Amazon Originals. Publishing 8 novels that include a few bestsellers in a decade highlights her intense passion for writing.

List of Taylor Jenkins Reid books

Daisy Jones and the Six

Daisy Jones is a young, talented and beautiful musician who just began her ascent into stardom of the music industry when a producer paired her up with an upcoming blues-rock band, The Six. The book tells the story of Daisy Jones and paints a vivid picture of the sex-crazed, unruly, and drug-fueled glory. Daisy has talent, money, and looks that make her feel blessed, but she has a dark side as she is reckless, wild, and has loads of ego. Meanwhile, Billy, the uncrowned leader of The Six, is an able leader who can control the pack but struggles to manage the temptations of the jazzy lifestyle. The meeting of Daisy and Lily is a memorable event as it marks the birth of stars.

Malibu Rising

The novel is a family drama that depicts the history of the Riva family and focuses on a 24 hour period that will change the family members completely. The story goes that four famous siblings of the family throw an epic party every year. However, this time the party ends up in flames that engulf Malibu. Mick Riva, the family head and father to the siblings, is a legendary musician. Jay Riva, the second of is a professional surfer, and Nina Riva, the eldest of the siblings, is a swimsuit model whose husband recently deserted her. The third in line, Hud Riva, is a photographer, and the youngest sibling Kia Riva is in college. Taylor Jenkins Reid brings us a story with all the adventure, love, heartbreak, and greed stitched with exceptional skills.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This is a historical fiction published in 2017 and the author’s fourth novel who became a sensation at a very young age. The story revolves around Monique Grant, a struggling junior reporter of Vivant magazine, trying to make a name. She is assigned to interview Evelyn Hugo, a Hollywood starlet of the 1960s, about fame, love, and scandal. The author explores betrayal, loss, loyalty, sacrifice, and tragedy. The novel focuses more on Evelyn as readers discover more than catches the eyes.

Taylor Jenkins Reid books do a great reading. She started by exploring the many hues and complexities of love and relationship before transiting into the historical fiction genre that flourishes on her epic writing style.

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