Pixel Notepad, Google’s First Foldable Smartphone, Will Make Its Appearance in 2022

Google did not release its much anticipated foldable smartphone in 2021. Still, the growing rumors and leaks point at the strong possibility of the phone’s release in the United States sometime during 2022. All kinds of guesswork are gaining momentum about the name of the new smartphone, and the chances are high that Google will name it Pixel Notepad instead of Pixel Fold, as speculated earlier. In the absence of any hint about the expected release time, it is safe to predict that it will indeed happen this year. The first release will likely be in the United States, followed by other nations. According to speculations, the phone shape will be short and wide like the Oppo Find N and tall and thin like the Samsung’s Galaxy Z fold3.

The Expected Price of Google’s Foldable Smartphone

According to unsupported information floating around, it seems that the Google foldable phone will be the mid-range as Google will try to keep the price somewhere around $1400. It means that the new foldable phone will be in-between the pricey Galaxy Z fold 3, which has a list price of $1799.99, and $1199, which is the list price for Galaxy S21 Ultra. Adding the foldable phone to the Pixel range will put Google in the league of other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. All have foldable phones in their portfolios.

 A Spring 2022 Release is Most Likely

Taking a cue from Google’s announcement of the timetable for Android 12L, which is currently on beta 2 and beta releases scheduled through February 2022, the formal release of Anroid12 L will possibly be in March 2022. Android 12L is a version update that will enhance the support for devices with larger screens like tablets and foldable. It now appears that there are high chances of the pixel notepad releasing around that time, as it would make good sense to coincide the release of Android12L with accompanying hardware. It would help Google demonstrate the powers of Android12L by using its own foldable phone.


Drawing an inference from the animations found in Android12L, we can try to gather some idea about the probable design of the foldable pixel phone. The animations of Android12L refer to some abstract illustrations of a foldable phone, which might mirror the image of the new foldable phone in the Pixel range. If the phone maintains the design as mentioned, it should be a book-fold style device with large outer and inner displays. The phone will have a more square-like shape like the Oppo N instead of the thin and tall looks of the Samsung Galaxy Z fold3.

We can refer to several patents filed by Google regarding foldable devices. According to one patent, the device with two parts could fold and open along a hinge to display the large screen. Another shows a device could slide out an additional display to multiply the screen real estate.

However, the inferences drawn from the patents are pure guesswork as these might not even have any remote link to the much-anticipated release of the foldable phone.

Specs and Camera

As the Pixel phones rank among the best camera phones, it seems natural that Google will continue its emphasis on cameras. However, it does not mean that Google would provide multiple cameras with Pixel6. Before that, Google had stuck to the traditional with one front lens with the ultra-wide shooter and a back camera in Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel5. It appears that Google would restrict the number of cameras even if it provides more lenses than the typical 1+1 offering. Instead, Google would prefer to provide superior post-processing software to produce better photos.

The phone will have Google’s Tensor chip that should help to incorporate several smart and neat features in the foldable smartphone to make it much more user-friendly. The clock speed of the processor will be between 1.8GHz and 2.8GHz. The phone will have a Mali-G78 GPU and 12GB RAM.

It is high time for Google to release the foldable phone to do justice to its name as a leading smartphone manufacturer.

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