The Importance of Virtual Communication Tools for Business

In 2020 the business world was given a harsh lesson on the importance of adopting modern business solutions. Covid-19 placed unprecedented pressures on today’s businesses, and it became clear that modernizing their infrastructures was not just a way to get an edge on the competition; it was a matter of survival. For instance, TechQuarters, an IT services company London businesses flocked to when Covid hit, could adapt to the ‘new normal’ almost instantly. Their users were able to go remote and continue to work, communicate and collaborate just as efficiently. Techquarters continued to help customers achieve this, thus proving that the most successful businesses would prove to be the ones that implemented the right digital technologies.

What is Virtual Communication?

Virtual business solutions abound. For instance, virtual meeting rooms have become commonplace since the onset of COVID. To go fully remote, many businesses have to virtualize their servers and storage arrays. The successful modern business should be virtualized, enabling them to adapt to whatever changes or pressures might come their way.

As communication is a cornerstone of business, virtual communication should be a high priority. We all saw the boom in video calling apps over the last two years. With everyone working from home, the typical channels of communication that were most popular among businesses just weren’t enough in a remote environment. Working from home proved to be a challenge for many people. One of the most effective forms of support for remote workers is maintaining healthy social interaction – and with restrictions on physical interactions in place in many countries and regions, virtual communication became the primary way people socialized and worked with one another.

Software for Efficient Virtual Communication

Effective virtual communications require the right combination of software and hardware. As well as this, the software a business uses should enable them to cover all the most fundamental forms of communication.


This is such a ubiquitous form of communication in businesses that it almost doesn’t need to be mentioned. Email is one of the few virtual communications that are already complete commonplace. Businesses and consumers alike have lots of choices for which email service they choose – popular choices for businesses include Outlook from Microsoft and Gmail from Google.

Video Calls

perhaps the most important form of communication during Covid-19, video calls were nowhere near as proliferate before 2020, but now it’s considered a fundamental comms. There is no better way to hold a virtual meeting than with video calling – it is an instant form of communication, making it much easier to feed off each other’s ideas and energy than with a text chat or phone call. Most businesses use solutions like Slack or Microsoft Teams for their diverse specifications.

Instant Messaging

while video calls are highly beneficial and irreplaceable for meetings, many tasks, queries, and discussions simply don’t require face-to-face communication, which is why instant messaging is becoming popular in business. It is faster than email and enables users to fire off quick questions, updates, or requests to their colleagues. Many different solutions are available that support instant messaging – WhatsApp is popular for both formal and informal business communications; Slack offers instant messaging alongside a range of other useful features, as does Microsoft Teams.


Of course, telephony is another irreplaceable communication solution. It may not require colleagues having a low-stakes discussion, nor is it ideal for meetings and brainstorming sessions, but if a business doesn’t use telephony, they will come up against challenges. Traditionally, telephony was enabled by the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Still, nowadays, businesses are beginning to favor Cloud Telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This new solution provides users with a virtual telephone number and enables them to make calls to other telephones from their mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC.

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