Why You Must Read At Least One Book By Colleen Hoover – The Most Trending Author Now

Publishing 20 books in less than a decade are no mean feat, and it’s what makes Colleen Hoover special. She is a prolific writer who never looked back since she self-published ‘Slammed,’ her debut novel in 2012. Many book lovers interested in women’s fiction, contemporary and young adult romance and thrillers are fond of Colleen Hoover’s books that have carved a place of their own in their hearts. Some of her books made it to New York Times bestsellers list a few times helped spread her popularity. Many of her books earned the Goodreads Choice Awards nomination that bears testimony to her high success in a short time. Affectionately called Co Ho by her fans, Hoover maintains the pace of writing and remains committed to winning their hearts with new titles of different genres.

Even if Hoover is not your favorite author, you should read some of her books to enjoy her writing style. Those who love contemporary novels should not give the best Colleen Hoover books a miss because reading any of her books might have so much impact that it could change the perspective of looking at many things in your life. She can move her readers and make them sit up while enjoying her writing that strikes the right chords with readers.

Why you should read Colleen Hoover

Hoover is a super craftsman when it comes to writing novels and novellas. From the choice of words to the style of story-telling, she has some special skills to show the underbelly of society and even hint at processes that one can take advantage of to come out from the depths of darkness. The positivity of her stories shines bright as Hoover paints the gloomy picture of the lower depths of society most vividly with exceptional writing skills. The plots and concepts of her contemporary romance novels are truly heart-touching, and she connects with the readers in a way that leaves them expecting more from her. Her fans’ enthusiasm has been her most significant source of sustenance as she keeps strengthening her reputation as one of the best-selling writers of our times.

Creating extraordinary stories from ordinary stuff

One of the most exciting aspects of Colleen Hoover books that should not escape the reader’s notice is her exceptional skill in turning an everyday story into something extraordinary. It’s impressive to see her write about mental and social issues we commonly experience but do not heed it. Her vision about life, combined with her exceptional writing ability, helps us relate to the characters. The way she portrays the characters and the words they speak are our very own that we always wanted to say but did not dare to speak out. Reading her books is like a journey in self-discovery and reason enough for picking up any of her books right now if you are yet to get a taste of it.

Exceptional writing

Ongoing through the Colleen Hoover books series, you will be spell-bound by her writing. She has the rare ability to express her thoughts most simply and convey the message with conviction that resonates with readers. She knows the best ways of engaging with readers that reflect in her writing. Readers stay deeply immersed in the world created by her stories as she casts her spell on the readers in the way a magician keeps the audience engrossed.

Heart touching plot

Hoover draws readers’ attention to issues that we need to pay attention to and tells stories in the most realistic way that can make readers writhe in pain. The plots are so heart-touching and the story-telling so real that it will make you stand face to face with reality. You might even feel like crying at times when she narrates some bitter truth that we prefer to ignore in real life lest it hurts or because it’s bizarre and hard to stand. She takes readers on an emotional roller coaster as readers fall in love with the characters.

Colleen Hoover is a master writer of contemporary romance who knows how to hold readers to the edge of the seat by infusing suspense elements into the stories.

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