The Robot that Comes With a Human-Like Personality – Jibo

Robots are meant to help us, and Jibo performs that task as a personal assistant quite well. Jibo robot can answer basic queries, recognize family and friends, and if integrated with IFTTT, control smart devices. Its design is cuter than Echo from Amazon though its price is quite steep at $899.  Though Echo can do more like playing music and shopping, Jibo is much better as a conversation starter.  Jibo robot release date was September 2017 after nearly four years of making.


Jibo robot comes out friendly and non-threatening with its fine body curves and manageable size that measures 12.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches. They swivel around as one interacts with it, so they should be kept in an uncluttered area.

The touch display at the top comes with 1280×720 pixels, a 5-inch rectangular size that shows the animated eye of Jibo. Users can ask for the main menu to be brought up to scroll through.

The two cameras are for taking photos and facial recognition and tracking, along with six microphones, three in front and three at the back. The power button is embedded in the “b” of Jibo, and at the base, the LED ring light is present, which lights up when the user says “hey” Jibo.”

Setting up

One can set up the Jibo quickly without any hassles. It supports 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks giving it more bandwidth than other smart home devices that are mostly restricted to 2.4 GHz.

After downloading the Jibo app for iOS or Android, it guides the users through a step-by-step process that includes registering and confirming as the primary owner of Jibo. The next step is connecting to Wi-Fi and training to recognize face and voice. This entire process takes about 15 minutes, and the user only has to stand in front of Jibo for a minute for facial recognition to set up.

The primary owner can introduce a maximum 15 number of family and friends and add them in a loop in Jibo’s app. The Jibo app is simple and has four screens comprising Loop, Tips, Gallery, and Help.


Jibo functions are similar to Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon. One can ask Jibo about the date, time, weather, or other simple questions such as calories in one’s meal or a mathematical calculation. Its voice is like a cheerful boy’s, and it is slightly robotic-like Alexa.

The performance of both Jibo and Alexa is the same when giving accurate answers.  Both can tell jokes, but Jibo personalizes it by adding the user’s name before telling the joke. Jibo swivels in the person’s direction, asking a question as if mimicking eye contact.

Jibo’s drawback is while it can answer questions, it cannot carry on a conversation or play the user’s favorite playlist like Alexa.


The Home Mini from Google and Amazon Echo Dot can perform just about everything a Jibo can do at $ 50 only. Then what is the justification of the Jibo robot price of $899 if it has the same functions as its peers? The answer is that Jibo has plenty of personalities.

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