Gaming Controllers that Tops the List When Searching for the Best PC Controller

For the best gaming experience, you must have the best arrangement for playing games comprising a fantastic gaming rig, an excellent PC, and a superb PC Controller. Indeed, the traditional combination of gaming keyboard and gaming mouse is good enough to play games but cannot provide the enjoyment you get from controllers. Both literally and figuratively, the controllers put you in control when playing games, and you are in the driver’s seat. To enjoy an immersive gaming experience, you must have a controller which gives the comfort of being at the wheels when driving a car. The user-friendly design of the controllers with the simpler controls will simplify the operations, which will enhance the gaming experience. You can easily connect the controller to the PC and start playing your favorite games.

Four best gaming controllers to look for!

To take your gaming experience to the next level, you can choose from the controllers discussed below.

  • PC Controller – Microsoft Xbox Wireless

PC Controller

The Microsoft X Box Wireless controller is a near-perfect gamepad and the default accessory for the Xbox Series S and Series X. The fourth-generation controller looks quite similar to its predecessors, but there have been massive changes inside compared to the one that accompanied the original X Box. The only difference that you can see from the outside is that the name does not have console-specific branding.

The textured grip at the rear extends to cover the triggers for better grip and precise operations. The high-domed D-pad is the latest incorporation which was earlier part of the high-end Xbox Elite gaming controller. The new shape of the controller makes it suitable for a wide range of hand shapes and sizes at the expense of some previous attachments which are no more compatible. You can start using a plug-and-play device by connecting it via Bluetooth or USB-C to the PC that runs Windows10.

  • PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

The PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced wired controller is a budget-friendly controller that appears to have many similarities to the Xbox Series S and Series X controller’s controller. The bright lights increase the attraction, and the device is quite good in the price range. Although it might not be the best pc games controller, it delivers what you would expect from a device that does not pinch your pocket. The edge lighting lends character to the device, and competitive shooters greatly appreciate the 3-way trigger locks. Considering the price, no one should mind accepting the absence of wireless connectivity that compensates greatly with the excellent button feel.

  • Sony Dual Shock 4 Controller

Sony Dual Shock 4 Controller

The Sony Dual Shock 4 is a wireless thumbstick controller that provides superior PC support for PlayStation. Although all Steam games might not support the DS4 in the same way, the whole configuration of the controller allows you to replicate the convenience of the Steam controller. Depending on the in-game action, the integrated light bar keeps glowing while you bring our game to life by enjoying the sound effects emitted from the DS4 controller. The highly sensitive gyroscope and accelerometer built inside the device detect the motion and facilitate tilt and rotations taking the gaming experience to the next level.

However, there are some issues. The rubber on the analog sticks tends to wear off during extended use, and the exposed shoulder buttons increase the chances of accidentally bumping them on the desk.

  • Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

You can convert the wireless controller into a wireless version by using an adapter. The Microsoft Xbox Elite is a high-end controller with tons of features and a scope for customization and several upgrades from the standard Xbox controller, like the paddle buttons on the reverse side and an interchangeable component layout. For more sensitive trigger pulls, you can toggle the trigger governor. The high-priced controller suits those keen to take advantage of customizations at the keyboard level. The sophisticated software of the controller ensures several highly impressive functionalities by allowing tweaking and fine-tuning of almost every aspect of gameplay. The PC controller can accommodate two different profiles at a time, and you can change it by using a switch provided for the purpose.

The controller is in a class of its own, as evident from its features and high price.

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