The Best Wireless Mouse – The Big and Reputed Brands Have Something for Everyone

Maintaining a clutter-free work desk is the most important reason for using a wireless mouse that has lent some sophistication to the must-have accessory for PCs. The popularity of the wireless mouse has gone up many more times over the years, and quite a few reputed brands are offering the device. Therefore, getting the best wireless mouse is never a problem as various brands at various price points are available. Gamers are all game for the wireless mouse and look for the best mouse to ensure a fail-safe connection that does not interfere with the gaming experience.

Besides the shape, comfort, color, and size, the type of connectivity – Bluetooth or dongle and the type of charging – USB or battery are some factors to consider when choosing a wireless mouse. Additionally, the nature of use, whether computing or gaming, influences the choice because the gaming mouse is a unique accessory quite different from the computer mouse.

Top wireless mouse to give yourself the best performance experience

To pick the best mouse for computing, you can refer to the ones discussed here.

  • Dell Premier Rechargeable wireless mouse MS 7421 W – the best wireless mouse

Dell Premier Rechargeable wireless mouse MS 7421 W

The comfortable and versatile Dell wireless mouse is compatible with all your devices. The compact but sleek design creates the initial attraction that develops a lasting relationship with the device. The unique design tells that it is a pricey mouse at $70, but enough good things are packed into it that justify the price. The soft looks of the platinum-colored mouse have a pleasant appeal, and the slim device, which is 1.4 inches thick, weighs only 0.18 pounds. The mouse opens from the top to access the USB dongle placed inside and held in place by a magnetic force, and there is a USB-C port for charging. The USB cable comes along with the mouse.

The mouse offers up to 4000 DPI, and 1000, 1600, and 2400 are the other adjustable points that are changeable by using Dell’s Peripheral Manager App installed when you plug in the dongle to your PC.   The app helps you check the battery life, program shortcut buttons, and receive firmware updates.

  • Logitech H305 Lightspeed mouse

Logitech H305 Lightspeed mouse

Those looking for an inexpensive but good quality Logitech wireless mouse would find the Logitech H305 Lightspeed mouse most suited for their purpose. The mouse has the looks of the premium models and has an ambidextrous design with a fingertip grip. It means that both right hands and left hands can use the mouse with equal ease. The wireless receiver under the palm rest panel helps the device connect wirelessly with PCs. The mouse uses one AA battery, and a LED indicator alerts about falling battery charge. With the help of the companion app, you can customize settings, remap buttons, and enable a second layer of command by assigning a G-shift button. Although small, the mouse is heavy but assures high performance that even suits gamers.

  • HP Z3700 wireless mouse

HP Z3700 wireless mouse

The Z3700 HP wireless mouse maintains the perfect harmony of design, connectivity, and durability and offers many benefits to users. The affordable mouse under $25 has all the features you would expect from a mouse in the price range, and its multi-OS support ensures its compatibility with Mac OS 10.3 and Windows 7, 8, and 10. The lightweight mouse has a sleek design that makes it an ideal companion when traveling. You can straightaway start using the plug and play mouse that runs on a single AA battery and connects wirelessly to ensure seamless connectivity.

  • Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple fans keen to buy an Apple wireless mouse would find the Apple Magic Mouse 2 as if just made for them. The mouse’s clean, button-less multi-touch design looks attractive and delights users with the smoothness of the scrolling and swiping functions that give the feel of using a trackpad. Although it might not be the best wireless mouse, it is undoubtedly an excellent mouse and, of course, the best in the Mac ecosystem.

Never settle for anything less than the best, at least when it is about the mouse because the accuracy and preciseness of the cursor movement are never satisfactory in the cheaper models and brands. Remember that you get what you pay for.

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