Does it Make Sense to Buy Playstation 4 Today as Sony is About to Withdraw Support?

Now that Playstation 5 is available for gaming enthusiasts and you are still planning to buy PlayStation 4, you should consider a few things. The first thing to consider is if it is still worth buying a PS4. Once you decide that you need a PS4, the next thing to consider is whether you want to buy a new one or a used PlayStation 4 would be good for you. The question arises because getting a new PS4 might not be practical due to availability constraints. As the PS5 is holding the center stage now, it is natural that the marketing channels would show no interest in re-stocking PS4. But still, if you want to buy a new PS4, this is the time because, in early January, Sony announced that it is discontinuing most PS4 models in Japan.

Towards the end of 2021, PS4 consoles were in short supply, and with the news of Sony curtailing the production of most PS4 models, the supply position is not likely to ease anytime soon. However, it starts with Japan first, and there is no news about the availability of PS4 models in other parts of the world.

Let’s now look into why it could still make sense to buy a gaming console so late in its life.

Price could be a Reason to Buy PlayStation 4

Although it is difficult to give the exact current price of PlayStation 4 consoles sold through bundles and pre-owned, the manufacturer’s price can be a good guide. The PS4 Slim price is $300, and the price of the PS4 Pro is $400. The $100 difference is because the PS4 has robust hardware, which is more powerful, and you can easily play games at 4K resolution. However, the latest price of the systems after the release of PS5 is not available. On the other hand, the digital edition of PS5 without a disk drive is $400, whereas $500 for a standard PS5. Besides price, there are some other reasons to buy PS4 now.

Excellent Games library

A great reason to buy PlayStation 4 despite the launch of PS5 is access to a vast catalog of games. You can play tons of fun with a single console, and some games like Ratchet & Clank and God of War are exclusive PS4 games along with indie games, third-party titans like Assassin’s Creed and Duty, and remasters of definitive Playstation games.

The PS4 games are a significant reason to stick to the PS4 consoles. But buying a new one when Sony is withdrawing support for almost all PS4 models and producing only 500GB PS4 Slim might be risky, and the consoles would soon stop receiving games. Moreover, the hardware support for the PS4 consoles from Sony would not last long.

So, how long should you expect Sony to maintain the supply of games? It’s difficult to say, but we can take some ideas from the last console generation.

The Residual Game Lifetime for PS4

The Playstation 3 lasted in North America from 2006 to 2016 and received cross-generation titles until the end. The last Call of Duty title released for this system was Call of Duty: Black Ops III in 2015. However, it was a diluted version without campaign mode.

The same pattern was seen for exclusive games like MLB The Show 16 was the closing title of the yearly Sony series. The last major title published by Sony for PS3 was Little Big Planet 3 in 2014. When PS arrived in 2013, PS3 was seven years old. A similar timeframe applies to overlap between PS4 and PS5.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a major PlayStation exclusive in 2021, is now for PS5 only. The upcoming release of Horizon Forbidden West in February 2022 will happen on PS4 and PS5. The same applies for Gran Turismo 5 slated for March 2022 release, and subsequently, the release of Ragnarok will be along similar lines.

The trend hints at PS4 receiving cross-platform support until 2023 at the most. Keep this in mind if you decide to buy PlayStation 4, although PS4 Pro might meet with a different fate which Sony has not yet announced.

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