iPhone 14 Related Information Gathered So Far – Only Time Will Tell the Truth

Numbers have a close relation to Apple, especially for iPhone users who have seen iPhone13 are eagerly awaiting the arrival of iPhone 14. There’s a lot of buzz about the device as people’s expectations grow. As Apple maintains a tight-lip policy and withholds all information about the product, the rumor mills are busy delivering a plethora of unverified information. Like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to construct the complete figure, everyone is trying their best to anticipate the iPhone 14 release date. It is safe to assume that the date should be sometime in September, as Apple’s new releases have been the pattern over the past years. We hope that Apple maintains the tradition.

The Expectations About iPhone 14

People’s expectations from Apple keep growing as the company keeps raising the bar with every new iPhone release, and it’s no different for the new iPhone 14 on the anvil. On assimilating the information spread through the grapevines, it appears that the changes to the new phone could be the most significant in recent times. Some of the upgrades could be so radical that they could become a trend-setter among iPhones.

Based on rumors, the possible changes could include a completely new design for both iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which, taken together, could transform into a new phone model introducing a new range of iPhone Max. In addition, you can expect some significant camera upgrades.

Let’s now look into the new phone’s various aspects that should help draw a slightly clear picture that could have a close resemblance to the phone that is still in the making. Therefore, whatever you surmise from this article is subject to change but would surely help you tick most of the boxes right in the guessing game.


Since looks are the most critical aspect for any device, especially for Apple products that maintain a legacy, the design of the new iPhone 14 will be in line with that of the iPhone 13. It means that there would not be any remarkable changes in the design. The new phone is likely to have a titanium frame with redesigned speakers, and the microphone grills would also be of different design. However, the punch-hole for the camera could now make way for a notch. Moreover, presuming that Apple is departing its fascination for Mini, there is a high possibility that the phone will have a big screen.


The iPhone Mini screen size of 5.4 inches will now be history, and the new screen sizes are likely to be 6.1 inches for the Pro model and 6.7 inches for the Pro Max model. That Apple is giving up its Mini concept is evident from the sluggish sales figures of iPhone 12 Mini. The smaller one will have 1170 x2532 OLED screens, and the bigger one will have   1284 x 2778 OLED screens. The Pro models will probably have a 120 Hz refresh rate, while the Pro Max model will be 60Hz.

SIM Card

It has been two years since 2020 that the word has been going around that Apple was seriously thinking about discarding physical SIM cards and replacing them with e-SIMs. According to unverified information, Apple has been preparing major carriers for e-SIM only phones since September 2021. It means that the new Apple iPhone could be the first to try out the novel concept of using e-SIMs.


There is likely to be a significant camera upgrade as the primary camera of the new phone could be 48 MP, almost four times higher than the current 12MP cameras. Most likely, Apple introduces a periscope lens with the Ultra Wide cameras. The rear camera will have a new design as the phone’s thicker body will help eliminate the bump.


The phones will have an A16 Bionic chipset, and the 8 GB RAM would be the most RAM in an iPhone. The storage would be double the current 1 TB.

The battery of the iPhone 14 will likely be bigger with longer life, and the expected iPhone 14 price remains a mystery. You have all the reasons to grab this upcoming model to have a unique experience.

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