Sonos Roam – a Small, Lightweight, and Smart Speaker that Tickles the Right Boxes

Your search for a true portable Bluetooth speaker with powerful sound and rugged build at an affordable price could end with Sonos Roam because, for most users, it is the best of 2022. The smart speaker has built-in support for Google Assistant, AirPlay 2, and Alexa, and the performance of the voice assistant is fantastic. The speaker can match any other speaker in the category without a second thought and perhaps become a favorite. The speakers are versatile enough to hook up into Sonos’ multi-audio platform and provide the cheapest option of entering the Sonos audio ecosystem. The rugged design and features let you carry the speakers anywhere as you can charge them wirelessly and operate them using voice commands. The convenience of use and the IP67 dustproof and water-resistant rating puts the speakers ahead of many other similar speakers.

Sonos Roam – The Smartest Speaker

The first thing that would catch your eyes while glossing over any Sonos Roam review is that it is a Bluetooth plus Wi-Fi speaker. The exclusive feature helps the company stake its claim as the smartest speaker they have built until now. It means that you use the speaker outdoor and even along with a multi-room Sonos system. Moreover, the other features like its compatibility with the smart assistants make it the smartest speaker, which is also the smallest among all brand speakers. By paying only $169 and riding on the speaker’s versatility, you can gain quick access to the Sonos multi-room audio ecosystem.

The Marks of Smartness

Keeping in mind that you get what you pay for, we often equate low price with inferior quality, but the Sonos Bluetooth speaker will compel you to change your notion. The speaker brings to the table a lot more than you would expect at a price. The smartness is evident in the speaker’s sleek design that can perfectly match any home décor and aesthetically align with the surroundings effortlessly. The ease of carrying your music with you to the poolside, beachside, or any camping site and even including it as part of the multiform audio system will instantly turn you into an avid fan. And all this is possible because of a host of cool features that make the transition as smooth as silk. Activate the Sound Swap feature by pressing the Play button as the speaker seamlessly pairs with another Sonos speaker nearest to you.

Similarly, you can switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi depending on the kind of connectivity you would prefer, according to the speaker’s location. Suppose you are using the speaker outdoor by pairing it with some Bluetooth and then walking into your home without changing the setting of the speaker. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the speaker automatically switch over from Bluetooth to your home Wi-Fi system.


Ruggedness and portability are the speaker design cornerstones that remain faithful to the minimalist aesthetic elements seen in other Sonos devices. The speaker is 6.1 inches tall and resembles a water bottle but lightweight and weighs only 430 grams. You can comfortably put it in your tote bag or backpack. The IP67 rating makes the Sonos roam Bluetooth speaker suitable for use in any environment, as it can resist moisture and dust. Even it can withstand eater exposure up to 30 minutes.   When placed horizontally, the default position of the speaker, you will find the control buttons of the left end. When placed vertically, the buttons would be at the top. Buttons are available for volume adjustment, microphone control, and play and pause.


The sound is powerful, but the prominent bass might seem overwhelming when using the speaker indoors. The in-built amplifiers of the speakers produce powerful sound with an extended audio range that is quite surprising for a speaker so small. The bass subdues the mid and lower trebles, but you can fine-tune the sound by using the EQ. The speaker is compatible with various music streaming services from Android and iOS devices.

The ease of operating the Sonos roam speaker with the help of the voice assistants is the final stamp of approval as the true smart speaker that users have been waiting for.

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