Money Heist Series Review

Money Heist, one of the trending on Netflix, is back with the next release, Money Heist season 5. This season will continue from the end of the fourth season, and the story will bring more twists and turns. The involvement of the criminal master, Mr. Professor, and his gimmick to print money in the bank makes the season more thrilling. He joins the criminal gang and hostages to help make deals with the Security authorities.

Money Heist Season 5 Official Release Date

The official release of Money Heist Netflix was fixed on the third of December in Netflix. The series consists of five last episodes. The first release of the series was earlier on the third day in September. Fans are set for a ride of a lifetime on the final series of Money Heist. Episodes in the fifth series of Money Heist have ten episodes in total.

Monet Heist Main Casts

When planning the heist, the Professor decides to name his accomplices using city names. Sergio, the Professor, is a nerd and is awkward in his social associations. The next actress, called Tokyo, is a girl who seeks thrill. Berlin is a professional jewel thief, and he suffers from tremors and tends to use drugs to calm his nerves. Nairobi is the fourth member of the gang who is a drug dealer. Earlier, she suffered the loss of custody of her son, which motivates her to make money and live happily after.

Money Heist Game Plan

The Money Heist team plans to take several days to print money in the bank. Time allocated for the heist inside the Mint kingdom of Spain was to maximize the stolen money in the heist. The criminals and their hostages use red jumpsuits and face masks to disguise themselves. The essence of wearing these outfits was to make it hard for the authorities to spot between the hostages and the criminals. Also, they use a wardrobe to make it hard for hostages to identify the criminals.

Capabilities of the Money Heist Team

Nine members would collaborate to make the heist, and each of them has a criminal capability to play a role. Professor is the master planner of the heist. Next in line is Berlin, who is a pro in jewelry theft. Tokyo, one of the central characters, is a highly experienced robber. A previous miner goes by the name of Moscow. He has a criminal-minded son with him called Denver. One of the leading experts in counterfeiting is Nairobi. A computer wizard in hacking is Rio. Helsinki is a soldier in Serbia who has accompanied his cousin, Oslo.

The Bottom Lines

The Money Heist seasons have managed to win an Emmy award. Netflix bought for only two dollars but has earned a lot in return, thanks to its popularity. Originally Money Heist show was a TV show known as La Casa de Papel and later translated to English. The consideration of the English-speaking individuals enabled it to sell and acquire an audience as large as two hundred and fourteen million subscribers.

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