iPhone SE 3 – Features and Functions That You Can Expect to See in the Budget Phone

According to earlier forecasts based on assumptions and rumors, the third generation of iPhone SE would appear in the first half of 2022. Now that we have crossed the first month in 2022, it seems that we may be about a month away from the release of the much anticipated iPhone SE 3. According to the prediction of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a virtual Apple event on March 8 could be the new upcoming iPhone. There is even speculation about the name of the new phone too. The chances are high that Apple may stick to the naming convention of the earlier SE series iPhones that incorporated the year of release as part of the name. It means that the name of the phone might be iPhone SE (2022). Another rumor doing the rounds is that the phone’s name could be iPhone SE Plus 5G.

But what’s in a name when the world is more curious to know the features and functions likely to be a few notches higher than the iPhone SE (2020). Let’s try to list down the improvements we wish to see in the upcoming iPhone, which is in all probability, will be a reality.

The iPhone SE 3 will have a Sharper Selfie Camera.

Since Apple would maintain the budget-friendly trend of the SE series, do not expect much improvement of the camera because it is not feasible. However, the front-facing camera will likely be higher for more distinct and sharper images when taking selfies and during video calls. The iPhone SE (2020) has a 7 MP front camera like the iPhone XS, but the rear camera does not have dual-lens which has become a norm even for all other budget-friendly phones. However, the single-lens camera is powerful enough to produce impressive images, and it should be the same in the new phone. But as Covid19 has made video calls almost a norm, the improvement of the front camera would be most welcome in the new upcoming iPhone.

A New Apple Processor

The SE series phones come with the A13 Bionic chip, the same used in iPhone 11, making the budget phone a powerhouse for daily tasks. Apple could incorporate the A15 Bionic chip in the upcoming iPhone SE series, making the budget phone future-proof for many years. Although the A13 Bionic chip supports daily tasks like taking photos, looking at your feeds, checking emails, and playing games quickly, the newer chips could turn the phone into a more intelligent device. But the Apple’s A15 chips with its neural learning features will make the new phone a lot smarter by gaining access to the machine learning software. The new phone will then have text predictions, app recommendations, recognizing faces in photos, and language translation. Such features drive the appeal of iPhones with better brains than other phones in their class.

More Battery Life

The lesser you need to charge your iPhone more is its attraction. However, the budget-friendly SE phones are the smallest among Apple phones, and their battery is smaller than iPhone11, 12, and 13. The playback time of SE series phones is 13 hours which is much lower than 19 hours for iPhone13 and 17 hours for iPhone11 and 12. However, taking a cue from the improved battery life of the iPhone13 Mini, which lasts for 17 hours during video playback as claimed by Apple, we can expect that the new phone, despite the small battery, will have an improved battery life than iPhone SE (2020).

More Storage

Doubling the storage of iPhones from 64 GB to 128GB in iPhone 13 signaled a major shift in the storage capacity of entry-level phones. Hopefully, the trend will continue with the upcoming iPhone as it is becoming a standard on smartphones. Despite the cost implications, it is possible because other budget-friendly phones like Google Pixel 5A, 5G, and Samsung Galaxy A42 5G already have it. No more is the 128GB configuration a premium feature that costs more, and expecting to see it in the iPhone SE 3 seems to be quite normal. After all, Apple acknowledges the shift that started with iPhone 13 and will likely continue.

All the features and specifications described above make iPhone SE 3 a very unique and attractive gadget. You are surely supposed to get one if you wish.

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