The Sony Glass Sound Speaker Helps Create the Right Ambiance for Enjoying Music.

Speakers are typical audio devices that share many similarities in design and appearance, although the technology and performance can vary widely. However, when talking about speakers, the image that flashes in our mind is mainly of the traditional speakers of rectangular, square e or circular shape with a fabric covering. This is now set to change when we discuss the Sony glass sound speaker with the weirdest design that does not even faintly hint at an audio device. Instead, you might confuse it with a decent-looking lantern that can help to create the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner date. Some might even think of using it as a bedside lamp or placing it on the table when having dinner under the sky on a warm summer night. Despite the deceptive looks, the device is a Bluetooth speaker and lantern rolled into one.

Sony glass sound speaker – the looks

The portable Bluetooth speaker forms the base of the device upon which stands a cylindrical organic glass chimney that makes the assembly look like a table lamp shaped like a candlestick.   Some might imagine the setup to resemble a lantern with a dimmable LED bulb representing a flame. The 2-in 1 speaker is a decorative piece suitable for indoor or outdoor settings that help to create the desired ambiance and mood. The battery pack and Bluetooth connectivity ensure complete portability of the speaker, and you can expect eight hours of playback in a single charge which can vary according to the volume level. Plugging the Sony Bluetooth speaker into a power outlet is also an option if you have a power outlet near at hand.

It sounds that help to create the moods.

The concept of the Sony glass sound speaker is entirely different from that behind speakers in general. The worth of speakers is in the sound quality they can produce accompanied by good looks and sleek design that creates the initial attraction. After all, you must first like the speaker’s appearance and then get close to it to evaluate its performance. However, for the glass sound speaker, the looks of the design seem to matter more than the sound, as evident from the exceptional design of the speaker that looks like a lantern at a glance.

The delightful design of the speaker turns it into a showpiece that can help create different moods by balancing the intensity of the lantern and the type of music played on the speaker. The subtle lighting and the warm sound, when perfectly matched, can work wonders in enjoying music that can make you feel ecstatic.

Sony LSPX S3

Sony launched the first glass sound speaker in 2016 as LSPX S1 and introduced two more models, LSPX S2 and LSPX S3. The Sony LSPX S3 is a Sony wireless speaker with a lantern-like chimney sitting on the speaker that serves as the base of the lantern. The speaker is 11 inches tall and weighs 2.5 pounds, with the sturdy silver-like aluminum metal base houses the speaker contributing the most. The speaker inherits the design of the earlier model LSPX S2 and even incorporates the Advanced Vertical Drive Technology. The glass chimney behaves like a tweeter driven by three actuators that vibrate and spread the sound in all directions.

The tweeter made of organic glass can produce powerful and clear high tones with a 46 mm speaker suitable for mid-range frequencies. The inclusion of a passive radiator enhances the low-end. You have to use the Sony Music Center app and enable the bass boost mode to add more bass.

A single battery charge can play music for 8 hours at a moderate volume level, and the duration decreases with higher volume. The USB –C port is for charging the battery. The speaker has a built-in microphone that helps take calls if need be. You can playback high-quality music streams over Bluetooth as the speaker has Bluetooth connectivity.

To create a stereo effect with the Sony glass sound speaker LSPX S3, you can pair the device with another similar device with Bluetooth connectivity with the speakers act like left and proper channels. The speaker with less than 10% plastic is an eco-friendly device.

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