Sony SRS-RA5000 – The Pricey Next-Gen Speaker For Listening To 360 Reality Audio

The transition of basic audio sounds to stereo and surround sound aims at providing the best audio quality in terms of clarity and frequency modulations. The introduction of surround sound gave a wholesome listening experience that seemed almost natural, but the best was yet to come. Now with Sony presenting the 360 Reality Audio formats, it seems that we reached the pinnacle of audio enjoyment the most realistic way. Sony worked closely with several music organizations and streaming services to create a next-gen audio format for listeners to enjoy the sound flow from all directions. It gives a feeling of sitting at the center of an audio vortex encircled by sound and deeply immersed in it. Sony complemented the launch of the new technology in 2019 by introducing the Sony SRS-RA5000 wireless speaker, an expensive device and the first of its kind in the market.

Sony SRS-RA5000 – A Speaker Par Excellence

The fascinating aspect of the high-end speaker is its remarkable adaptability with such incredible smoothness that it seems like a knife passing through butter. Once you hear the sound delivered by the speaker, you will automatically be curious to know what’s inside that can create such superb sound that’s real.   The upward-looking three-speaker set packed inside the elegantly designed sleek cabinet has an integrated subwoofer and three drivers in the middle. The Sony RA 5000 is compatible only with Sony’s 360 Reality Audio and premium music streaming apps like TIDAL and Amazon Music HD.


The speaker design is simple and breaks the tradition of box-like design by creating a curved profile of the cabinet that makes an exclusive identity to the brand. The subdued design tones down the branding too. The brand name is predominantly out of view, declaring that the speaker would do the talking to augment the branding efforts. The only signs of life are the lights on the bottom edge that glows when the speaker is active. The air-duct for the woofer and a 3.5 mm line-in jack is at the back, and except for the controls, there are no ornamental elements in the design of the Sony SRS speaker.

You will find the controls are small icons on the top edge of each of the three sides. The buttons for power, sound mode, and input are on the front left side, and the labels and LEDs of the buttons sit around the edge of the buttons. The volume control is on the front right-hand side and has a play/ pause button. Of the seven drivers inside the cabinet, three look upwards, three points to the sides, and a woofer are in the middle.


The sound delivered by the speakers seems to be reaching listeners from all directions, a specialty of the 360 Reality Audio technology pioneered by Sony. The configuration of the musical tracks is unique, making listeners feel as if they are sitting at the center of the space where the performance is taking place. Listeners would feel as if the musical instruments are surrounding them as they gradually immerse within the soundscape. It is like swimming in a musical stream that soaks the listener with the sound waves.

The light at the bottom of the speaker turns from white to teal to indicate that you are listening to 360 Reality Audio. The claim that the sound comes from all directions might seem exaggerated, but the superb, clear, crisp, and warm sound quality is truly magnetic.

Play Music With Extreme Flexibility

The Sony wireless speaker allows listening to music most flexibly as you can choose from various options. You can connect the speaker to a device via Bluetooth but connecting to Wi-Fi produces better music. For audio casting, you can use the built-in Chromecast audio support feature, and you can pair the speaker with some group of speakers with the help of the smart assistants Alexa or Google Home. To lend your voice to the music playing on Sony RA 5000, you have to rely on another device like your phone on a cheap smart speaker with help from the assistants.

Despite the Sony SRS-RA5000 speaker having a lot of highs, the high price can be a barrier for many Sony fans.

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