OnePlus 6 and 6T Will No More Receive Any Official Software Support from Oneplus

OnePlus the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer founded in 2013, made a mark in the smartphone world with its Oneplus range of smartphones by launching the OnePlus One in 2014. Since its humble beginnings, the company rapidly gained recognition as a global powerhouse as its Android smartphones received wide acceptance among consumers. The secret of the company’s and the brand’s success was its approach of doing things differently to ensure a much better experience to consumers with more options of doing more with their smartphones. Although the phones were not much different from other phones, they held an appeal of their own. Besides the technological tweaks with the OS, the attractive pricing of the phones was another reason for the company’s instant success. Most importantly, the company quickly adapted to the fast-evolving smartphone landscape to retain its position and reputation.

OnePlus – Facts about 6 and 6T

In 2018 the company launched the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T, which enhanced the brand’s popularity amid stiff competition and comparisons drawn with iPhones. The company could successfully overcome the initial bad press it received because of the concerns about the notched display in the design, which was a replication of Apple’s design element. The 6 series phones with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage had two firsts to its credit – one was that most of the phone material was glass instead of metal, and the other was that the company created a phone to be part of the Android Beta program. It helped users install beta versions of Android P or Android Pie.

The OnePlus 6 started with Android Oreo in 2018 that finally upgraded to Android 11.

The OnePlus 6T phones with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage started with Android 9 Pie and finally upgraded to Android 11.

The Upgrades for the 6 series Phones Come to a Halt

Yearly software updates had been the norm for the 6 series smartphones, but since the third major upgrade in 2021, the company has announced that there will be no more OnePlus software updates. The announcement posted to OnePlus Forums confirmed that the company is discontinuing software support for these phones. It means that the users of the 6 series phones will have to continue with the Android 11 OS in the future and will remain handicapped while other phones would enjoy advanced OS like Oxygen OS12 based on Android 12.

Since its launch in 2018, both the 6 series phones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC received yearly updates for three years in a row. Along with the updates, the phones also received over 30 Open Beta builds and 60 Closed Beta Builds. But all that is now history as there would be no more updates of these phones.

It means that the November 21 security patches that were part of Oxygen OS11.1.2.2 were the last update that the 6 series phones received.

The Demise of the 6 Series

OnePlus makes its stand quite clear by discontinuing software support for the 6 series phones. It signals the demise of the phones, which would still be in use as long as the devices last but with the existing features. Neither will the phones have access to any new features in the future, nor will their security be up to the mark. Users can still keep using the phones by accepting the limitations and the security risks, which will only keep increasing.

The 6 series phone users would remain out of the purview of the Software Maintenance Schedule that OnePlus announced in July 2021. The package applicable for the high-end phone models comprises three major Android updates like that applied to the 6 series phones but along with four years of security updates. However, the new policy is applicable for OnePlus8 and newer smartphones only. The additional security updates for four years will not apply to the 6 series phones.

Unofficial Support is Still Available.

To deal with the problem of the withdrawal of official software support from OnePlus, users can consider installing customs ROMs like Pixel Experience or Lineage OS to receive unofficial software support for a few years.

However, it can be as risky as using the phone in its current state without further updates. You should explore all the other previous updates as per your convenience.

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