A Review of the 16-Inch Macbook Pro 2021

The MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) is a significantly more powerful version of its predecessor that sets a new benchmark for MacBook performance thanks to the latest Apple technology. You can do almost anything on it looking good because of the new Liquid Retina XDR display, and the 1080p webcam at the top lets you enjoy video calls with friends and colleagues.

In addition to the comfortable keyboard and great speakers, the MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) has one of the longest battery life of any laptop and is by far one of the best MacBooks on the market.

Despite the removal of the Touch Bar, the return of MagSafe charging, and an extended port array content creators will appreciate, this is easily the best laptop for video editing you can buy right now.

macbook pro 2021

The 16-inch Pro 2021 costs quite a bit more if you configure it for maximum performance. However, there are a few important aspects that make this Apple hardware less than perfect. We offer a full review of the Apple MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) to show you what we like and don’t like about it. You can also use our guide to help you decide which MacBook to buy.


It is a subtle but significant redesign for the 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021. The 100% recycled aluminum chassis features vents on either side that improves cooling, or the audio system inside features 6-speakers. The Pro’s webcam is tucked into a black rectangle that protrudes about 0.4 inches from the top bezel.

macbook pro review

As an additional design change, Apple replaced the Touch Bar with a row of more traditional function keys. It’s great to see Apple bringing back the function row – it makes this laptop feel more like a workhorse for professionals. Apple’s Touch Bar is often lamented for difficulties in use, so we’re glad this is back.


In addition to the ports that may be useful to professionals, the MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) has also been modified to include some ports on the sides and bottom of the laptop.

The 16-inch Pro still comes with a lot of Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 ports, but now it comes with a few other options. On the right edge, you’ll find HDMI and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, as well as an SDXC card reader with UHS-II support.

macbook pro features

You’ll have to use dongles to connect legacy accessories if you don’t have a USB-A port. On the left edge are two Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 ports, as well as a MagSafe three charging port.

The return of the MagSafe charging port is a welcome development because it was one of the features we liked about earlier MacBooks.



This laptop features one of the most beautiful displays we’ve ever seen on a laptop, the 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021, the mini-LED display on this one boast a bright, vibrant display. While offering Apple’s Promotion adaptive refresh rate, it also possesses a resolution of 3456 x 2234 and a speed of 120 Hz. It looks like it’s going to be coming to Safari in the very near future, but not all apps currently support it.

Audio, keyboard, and touchpad

Apple added a six-speaker surround sound system and three microphones to the 16-inch Pro which support Dolby Atmos and spatial audio.

The MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) has a big Magic Keyboard that we find useful. While it would have been nice if the keys were a little longer, it was comfortable and easy to use for all of our daily tasks, including writing this review.

macbook pro

A more professional, functional keyboard has finally been added to the 16-inch Pro. As for the Touch ID sensor built into the top-right key, it works great, although we wish it supported Face ID as well, so you didn’t have to rely only on Touch ID for authentication.


It’s the highest-performing processor Apple has ever put in a MacBook, and it shows. In our testing of the 16-inch MacBook Pro review unit’s multicore performance with Geekbench 5.4, the M1 Max chip earned a tremendously high score. Using the same benchmark, this is an impressive result using the same benchmark and is higher than nearly every other laptop we have ever tested.

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We know Macs aren’t known as gaming machines, but our 16-inch MacBook Pro review unit’s 32-core GPU M1 Max makes it powerful enough to run virtually any game we throw at it.

Battery life

Our testing shows the MacBook Pro 2021 16-inch performs better than Apple claims, but its 14-hour battery life is actually less than we expected. The battery runtime on a single charge was 15 hours and 31 minutes when the screen brightness was set to 150 nits, and we were able to continuously browse the internet over Wi-Fi.


In order to use Apple’s most powerful model, you’ll have to shell out a lot of cash. There is a starting price of $2,499 for Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021, which is about $100 more than its predecessor. The silver and space gray colors are your options.

The Verdict

The MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) offers significant improvements over its predecessor, so if you were thinking about investing in a 16-inch Pro then this is without a doubt the model to opt for. You can use this laptop for work or play, with its long battery life, outstanding speed, and smartly redesigned chassis. The MacBook’s M1 Max chip, if you can afford it, will give you some of the best performance you’ll find in a laptop. Producing bespoke silicon for Apple’s MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) has been extremely successful.

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A Review of the 16-Inch Macbook Pro 2021The MacBook Pro 2021 (16-inch) is a significantly more powerful version of its predecessor that sets a new benchmark for MacBook performance thanks to the latest Apple technology. You can do almost anything on it looking good because of the new Liquid Retina XDR...