The Best USB Interface That Allows Clear Audio Recording

A universal Serial Bus or USB is an interface that allows intercommunication between devices and hosts. Connecting devices like guitar cables and microphones to a PC and recording through USB requires an audio interface. If you are searching for a USB interface to cater to your needs, consider the newest audio USB audio interface before making your final decision for purchase.

1. Audient iD4 Mkll

Audient iD4 Mkll

Debatably the hottest USB audio interface you can get with a budget of less than $200. The USB is complete with phantom supremacy for condenser mics and instrument level DI to plug the computer or bass. The provision of two input/output mic preamps and an instant control wheel in Audient iD4 Mkll allows users to tweak settings seamlessly. There is an output key dedicated to speakers and two outputs for headphones. Above all, it is compatible with all devices, both Android and iPhone.  

2. SSL 2+ audio interface 

SSL 2+ audio interface

SSL2 has pro structures and connectivity in its compact interfaces. The feel of gazillion recordings is brought out. The difference between this design and the common SSL2 is that the 2+ has two outputs to 2-in an additional independent headphone output. The presence of a 4K key brings forth the high-end zing. Availability of two combos, mic/line inputs with Hi-Z option enables the end-user to switch between bass and guitar signs.

3. Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen

focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen is one of the most demanding USB-c audio interfaces empowered with unbeatable functionalities. The model has a combination of excellent Sonics, and the audio is flexible. The range price of this USB audio interface is 239 dollars giving you value to every shilling you spend on the device. The audio resolution of this audio interface USB is a superb 24-bit/192kHz. All units have been technically upgraded to improve preamps. It is bus-powered feathered with dual mic/line/instrument inputs and two TRS inputs and outputs.

4. Universal Audio UAD Apollo Twin MkII

Universal Audio UAD Apollo Twin MkII

Capabilities of Universal Audio UAD are having 2 in and six out interfaces and an audio resolution of 24-bit/192kHz. The Apollo Twin MkII comes in a black complexion compared to the original versions. Connecting devices to your PC or Mac is through a thunderbolt and needs to be power-driven from the wall. The panel located at the back and front contain inputs and outputs, whereas the top panel has an oversized knob.

5. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2

Komplete Audio 2 comes with a two-input/ output design with the available two inputs of mic/line/instrument being identical. Networks have a space-saving design having individual select switches to choose between line and instrument. 48V phantom power has been engaged universally through a single switch. In addition, the front panel has a knob that monitors and balances hardware and an independent headphone output control. It brings out the best audio interface and is slick as its appearance.

Wrapping up

Selecting the best audio USB interface depends on your needs. Regardless of your expectations and the budget, there are several things you must look into before finalizing a deal. Consideration of factors like the audio resolution, number of available interfaces, and portability, to name a few, are a must to look at.

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