The Best Standing Desk for Home Office

A standing desk is a must to have product for every professional. Not just does it help improve postures and cut off problems related to sitting, but it also provides health benefits and improves productivity. If you are looking to buy a standing desk at home or in the office, we have the list of top standing desks in 2022.

Standing desk reviews – an overview of types

1. Uplift V2

Uplift V2 desk

Uplift V2 is a top-rated standing desk with outstanding quality and perfect stability. Unlike the unsteady standing desks, the Uplift V2 design has been fortified with in-built steadiness braces. The desk can swiftly adjust the height with a quiet action, referred to as dual-motors. There are many points to mount accessories included in an under-desk hammock. The design comes with numerous desktop dimensions and colors, and inbuilt cable management is part of the composition of this standing desk.

2. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari electric standing desk image

This is one of the best standing desks that comes in three different widths suitable for your office at home. Setting up the desk is easy and takes little time to do using Allen wrenches. The desk has two legs with t-styled, each leg dedicated with a motor that enables be elevated to an extreme height of 128 cm and a minimum of 63.5cm. Compared to other standing desks, Vari Electric’s standing desk hones enough to withstand up to 90kg.

3. Flexispot EG1

Flexispot EG1

If you want a standing desk on budget, Flexispot EG1 is the most affordable standing desk. The desk has an excellent range of depth and width possibilities from 48 *24 inches to 55 * 28 inches. The minimum height of the desk is 28 inches, while its maximum height when fully rose is 47.6 inches. It is held firm in one place by its two one-inch-thick legs that are T-styled. Assembling the desk may take a maximum of one hour.

4. ApexDesk Elite

ApexDesk Elite

This standing desk allows you space to keep numerous monitors or other devices. It has been equipped with two motor systems that lift the desk. The ability of lifting is above 100kg, proving the possibility of fitting plenty of hefty hardware on the particular desk. ApexDesk is powerfully designed with a center beam to enhance its stability. Moreover, the equipment comes with deals and is affordable across various shops hence giving value for your hard-earned money.

5. Branch Standing Desk

Branch standing desk

Branch Standing Desk is the best standing desk for the home office. This furniture can rise to extreme heights and be utilized by users as tall as 6 foot 8 inches. Its melamine surface is both resistant to stains and impact from accidents. The desk has a dual-motor feature that allows it to rise smoothly. Stability is offered even at higher levels thanks to its three-stage-column scheme.

The Final Verdict

Whether you are purchasing a standing desk for office use or home use depends on your needs. While buying a desk, you need to think about affordability, stability, weight, and sustainability. To dodge non-ergonometric standing desks, you should decline poor-quality standing desks and purchase brands that are reliable.

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