City on a Hill – Season 2: A Gritty Crime Drama

After the blockbuster of the first season of the “City on a Hill,” the second season came with twists and even more thrilling scenes. The city on a hill season 2 is a premium add-on to a Hulu subscription, and the subscription is only $10.99 a month with a 7-day free trial. For UK viewers, the show airs on NOW and Sky Atlantic.

Here, we will discuss the city on a hill season 2 cast and the main characters in detail:

Kevin Bacon

In most of the film, Kevin Bacon starred as darker characters. In fact, in this series, many argue that he has a very peculiar relationship with women and is reviewed as misogynistic at other times quite endearing. Kevin Bacon acts as an FBI Agent named Jackie Rohr in the city on a hill. He has very close relations with Assistant District Attorney DeCourcy Ward. The main reason for this is to clean up corruption in Boston.

Aldiss Hodge

Aldiss Hodge plays the city attorney known as DeCourcy Ward. He and Jackie Rohr form the central fulcrum of this drama, and the two work together to fight corruption.

Jonathan Tucker

In this episode, he goes by the name Frankie Ryan. He is a gang leader and still manages to balance being a family man. His blood brother rats him out to the FBI even though Frankie too cares for him. He ends up in jail charged with armed robbery.

Mark O’ Brien

He is the brother of a gang leader and occasionally acts as an informant for the FBI. He sells out his brother. Other than that, he faces psychiatric distress and suffers from addictions. At some point, he joins a gang though not trusted due to his unpredictable inclinations.

Amanda Clayton

She acts as the wife of a known gang leader. Her specific role is to manage the money earned from robbery and maintain their family appears as a blue-collar family. She fully supports her husband’s criminal activities.

Episode One

In the city on a hill season 2, episode 1, you will observe a striking similarity with the previous season. Rohr plays the role of a playboy and a burden at his workstation with nothing much to offer. His wife suffers tremendously from his infidelity, and he has a tense relationship with his daughter. In the first few scenes from episode 1, Rohr abuses drugs with the junior attorney until she overdoses.

Episode Two

The city on a hill season 2 episodes pack with drama, suspense, and thriller. Rohr’s wife, Jill Hennessy, suffers humiliation in the second season. DeCourcy Ward is keen on Rohr, and it was after he got informed about the incident with the junior attorney who overdosed. Rohr tries to shut down this reach out to DeCourcy’s acquaintance, who was perhaps to no avail.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of dynamic twists in the plot that are bound to arouse keen interest and curiosity among the viewers. City on a Hill is a must-to-watch for those who enjoy drama and thriller films. The series gets suspicious and adds more excitement with the following season.

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