The Perfect Headphones for Diehard Apple Fans

The Apple Airpods Max was the first over-the-ear headphone from the Apple stable, and there was plenty of anticipation and speculation before its release in 2020. The futuristic air gesture features, which do not require one to touch the headphone was, expected, but it was not so. The price tag of $ 549 would have been justified if this feature had been there.

However, the apple airpod max comes with exceptional audio quality and brilliant features for diehard Apple fans.

AirPods Max – Sound

There are many positives about the apple airpods max headphones. The best thing about the AirPods Max is its extraordinary sound, and it can give the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphone a tough competition with its vast, immersive soundstage backed by powerful bass, crisp treble, and smooth mid-range frequencies.

The level of clarity and details by the AirPods Max will ensure that listeners find new elements in their favorite songs which were not noticed before. This is a hallmark of a truly great pair of headphones.

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is also a class act and standing shoulder to shoulder with Bose 700 headphones. The transparency mode comes in handy when one needs to tap into the surroundings.

AirPods Max – Design 

The design is another plus from Apple. The flat and large ear cups made from stainless steel look unmistakably “Apple” and focus on functionality and simplicity. They’re more premium than Sony 1000 XM4, mainly made of plastic. The airpod max is not heavy. The inclusion of a mesh headband mesh reduces the pressure on one’s head during use, though there is no escaping if one is sensitive heads.

The availability of physical controls is appreciable compared to the other swipe controls that most wireless headphones have. The pairing of the headphone with the Apple Watch Digital Crown is perfect, and the watch allows one to control the music playback and adjust the volume. This is one reason why Apple has avoided swipe controls which it does not consider compulsory.

One issue with the design is the absence of a 3.5 mm audio port. If one wants to listen to music with a wired connection, then USB-C to 3.5 mm audio port adaptor will be required at extra cost. Considering the premium tag and the price of AirPods Max, this looks surprisingly miserly from the manufacturers.

Another restriction for audiophiles is its lack of support for Hi-Res Audio codecs limited to Apple products only. Despite its fantastic sound quality, one is unsure who the AirPods Max is meant, especially if the audiophiles are kept out, and the product is not mass-marketed. Yes, the premium price points that many casual music lovers would not shell out for a pair of ANC headphones. The message is that airpod max is meant for Apple fans only, those who have iPhone, have been customers of AirPods earlier, and who uses Siri regularly.

Many features benefit only Apple users, which are not open to Android users, such as the   Spatial Audio, easy switching between iOS devices, one tap set up, Siri activation, and integration with Apple’s “Find My” feature.

AirPods Max – Battery life and Connectivity

As per Apple, the airpods max battery life on a single charge can stretch up to 20 hours of audio, talk time, or movie time. This is respectable when one includes enabled ANC. The smart case puts the AirPods in lower power mode, and keeping them overnight in an on the position in the case does not decrease its battery life.

The Connectivity is through Bluetooth 5, and the pairing is fast and remains stable even if one moves away from the source device. The automatic switching feature allows one to easily switch between iPad, iPhone, and Mac when listening to music or taking calls intermittently.

AirPods Max – Final Thoughts


  • Extraordinary sound
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Extra features for iOS


  • Price on the higher side
  • 5 mm audio port absent
  • Limited features for android users

The Apple AirPods Max is among the top-ranking headphones available and challenges the likes of Bose 700 and Sony WH-1000XM4 with its excellent sound and noise-canceling features.

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