The Bold Design And Impressive Performance Of The JBL Clip 4 Speaker Speak For Itself.

Those looking for a rugged but small speaker at a budget price would find the JBL clip 4 most suited as it is one of the best sounding speakers among other Bluetooth speakers of matching size. The latest speaker maintains the legacy of the JBL clip series speakers except that it’s slightly oval than the earlier circular design. Weighing 0.53 lbs or 0.24 kilogram, it is marginally heavier than JBL3, which weighed 0.22 kilogram. The sturdier inner carabiner clip makes the device more solid and durable. The incredibly portable speaker is easy to carry with one hand, and you can even hook it to your bag when you are moving around.

The speaker has an impressive build and comes with an IPX67 rating that makes it dust and water-resistant. The speaker has a rubber base and is wrapped with a tight net n the front. The speaker is entirely dust resistant and can resist water when kept immersed for 30 minutes up to a depth of one meter. Therefore, it is an ideal speaker to use by the poolside or beachside as water splashing will not affect the speaker in any way. The speaker keeps playing in any position, horizontal or vertical, and is available in various colors like Blue, black, orange, gray, green, squad, red, pink, and white, yellow, teal, and blue-pink.

The features and functions of JBL clip 4

From the build and appearance of the speaker, it becomes clear that it’s a favorite among hikers and campers, and shower singers too will find it convenient to soak in music by hanging the speaker from the carabiner clip at a suitable place in the bathroom. Podcast listeners, too, will find it highly useful. To know more about the speaker, keep reading this JBL clip 4 review.

Features– Being a budget speaker, the Clip 4 has quite simple features, focusing on producing a good sound. The Bluetooth speaker does not have any voice activation feature nor supports smart assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa. It does not have a microphone. Therefore no question of ambient noise performance is there and you cannot use it for making or answering phone calls.

Controls – The speaker has easy-to-use and straightforward controls. Dedicated buttons help turn on/ off the speaker, play and pause audio, adjust volume, and pair it with other Bluetooth devices like smartphones. To skip to the next track, you must press the play button twice, but in no way can you go back to the previous track. The buttons are soft, and a chime plays each time as you increase the volume. A glowing white light indicates that the speaker is on, and during pairing with another device, the light starts flashing.

Connectivity – The speaker has Bluetooth version 5.1, which is excellent. The speaker has a low latency on iOS, and the Android latency is 39 ms. The low latency makes the speaker is suitable for video watching. The Bluetooth range extends up to 72.5 meters. The speaker supports wired input via a USB – C valuable port, and the speaker does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Battery – Although you might find it to last less than 10 hours of playtime in a single charge, the 3885 mAh battery of the speaker performs satisfactorily. There is nothing much to say about it because the battery life can vary according to usage. For example, at higher volumes, the battery usage is high. When not in use, the speaker automatically turns off after 20 minutes which helps in saving some battery life.

The sound of the JBL Clip 4 speaker is good but lacks low bass. The 40 mm driver at 5W speaker produces excellent sound for videos and vocals.

As confirmed, the product is priced under $50. The product ticks the right boxes to justify the performance and quality on the manufacturer’s website.

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