Wonderboom 2 Is A User-Friendly Portable Musical Package With A Clear And Crisp Sound

Improving user experience by providing better features to ensure better performance is the goal of the speaker manufacturers. Ultimate Ears maintains the tradition with Wonderboom 2, an enhanced version of the original Wonderboom, the super portable, wireless mini-speakers. The surprisingly loud sound of the speaker can help you conjure magic with the music you play at home or outdoor. Although the new speaker has the same looks as Wonderboom, the upgrades packed in the new speaker reflect the superior performance.

The diminutive speaker in the mid-tier price range under 100 dollars quickly makes the list of the best waterproof speakers due to the loud and clear sound. The colorful speaker comes with a strap for easy carrying to support portability, and it also has a handle for hanging it at a suitable place, including the bathroom. The IP 67 rating means that the speaker is dustproof and water-resistant, making it ideal for carrying it to the poolside or beachside, where you can enjoy music alone or with friends. Weighing only 400 grams, the lightweight speaker is perfect for taking it along with you wherever you go.

Features and functions of Wonderboom 2

Despite having many similarities in its looks, the new speaker is slightly taller and thicker than its predecessor, the Wonderboom.  Although this minor change might not catch your attention, the upgrades packed inside the device will indeed not escape your attention. As you go through this Wonderboom 2 review, you will know that the device has a new chipset that increases the battery life, produces crisper sound, and the bass is 10% more than the original.

To use the speaker outdoor, press the boost button at the bottom of the speaker. Pressing the button restricts the bass frequencies that increase the sound in the midrange and above, and it helps to increase the audibility when using the speaker outdoors.

Design and build – It’s a small speaker comparable to the size of a baseball and lightweight. The sleek cylindrical shape, the elastic strap, and the color combination make the speaker distinctly different from the Wonderboom. However, the speaker’s chassis, micro USB charging port, and buttons are identical to the earlier model. The solidly built speaker has a two-tone knit fabric covering, providing rugged looks and enhancing appeal. The speaker can withstand water up to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. The speaker does not have a microphone, so there is no question about using it for phone calls.

Controls – The speaker has buttons on the top for power, playback, and pairing. For volume control, you will find the big buttons in the front. The button at the bottom of the speaker is for activating the Outdoor Bass that raises the sound level considerably so that you can hear it distinctly even in a noisy environment. The membrane-type buttons might feel squishy, but they are easy to operate. The membranes resist water in case of any accidental water exposure.

Connectivity – The speaker has Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 47.3 meters, and the latency is even slightly on the higher side both for Android (174 ms) and iOS (215 ms). You can pair two devices simultaneously, but the speaker is not suitable for playing videos due to its high latency. Moreover, unlike most other speakers in the category, the Wonderboom 2 has a USB port and not a USB – C port as anyone would expect. The spear does not have Wi-Fi connectivity, and the micro-USB cable helps charge the speaker.

Battery – The Wonderboom 2 battery life is 12.9 hours, and it takes 2.5 hours for complete charging. The speaker is ideal for long listening sessions due to the extended battery life, and the speaker automatically turns off after 15 minutes when not in use. The power-saving feature helps to extend the battery life.

Sound – The sound range is well-balanced except for the low bass. However, the speaker produces clear and crisp sound for lead instruments and vocals, although you might miss out on the thumpy genres like hip-hop or EDM. You can create pure stereo sound by pairing it with another Wonderboom 2.

The speaker produces a big sound in a small body at an affordable cost. It will be better for you to do a detailed research before you go for it.

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