Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: A Detailed Comparison You Must Know Before Your Next Update

Windows 11, the new version of the Microsoft operating system, is an upgrade from the previous Microsoft version, Windows 10. There are numerous differences between the earlier windows version and the next release. If you’re planning to upgrade your PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11, here are the features and detailed comparison of windows 11 vs. windows 10 you must check before you make a switch.

  • Interface and design

Windows 11 has a mac-like feature as compared to the previous version. It has a new design that includes rounded corners. The start menu is movably and enables you to move it to the center of the monitor or the left side as it is in windows 10. Also, the current windows version will allow the installation of the android version on your computer, which was not an option earlier in the previous version.

  • Virtual Support

Windows 11 has better virtual support as compared to windows 10. The windows version allows you to set up virtual desktops and maneuver between numerous desktops simultaneously, making it easy to divide your desktop for different purposes, personal use, work, or gaming.

  • Monitor-laptop transition

Versus Windows 10, the new version of Windows 11 has made the transition from monitor to laptop easy. The newly added Windows 11 features, snap layouts, and groups, make it easy to group apps and windows and navigate between them. Place the collected apps in the taskbar, opened, or minimized to ease the switching of tasks. You can successfully plug and unplug from the monitor and not lose the windows you opened.

  • Microsoft team on the taskbar

Microsoft team in windows 11 is in the toolbar feathered with video calling. Microsoft team users will drift over open windows on the taskbar and rapidly segment the window content on the windows team call.

  • Improved tablet features

Compared to Windows 10, you will not find a dedicated Tablet in Windows 11. However, Microsoft has improved the touch experience in tablets by introducing space between the icons on the taskbar. There has also been an addition of gestures. The digital pen has been added haptics on the new Windows 11 that makes you feel a vibration while using you draw or make notes. Microsoft has also introduced voice command features in the system.

  • Gaming Technology

Windows 11 is featured with Xbox consoles to streamline a better gaming experience for the online gaming enthusiast. The introduction of DirectStorage and Auto HDR in Windows 11 enhances the gaming experience on windows.

  • DirectStorage permits SSDs to transfer game data straight to the graphics card, thus avoiding long load times.
  • Auto HDR allows gamers to experience superior graphics and enjoy the game’s visuals.


Windows 11 differs from Windows 10 due to the addition and improvement of various features. The introduction of the new version packs with newly added designed, enhanced virtual support, performance-improving features, multi-monitoring options, and many more.

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