The iPhone 13 Pro Max Has The Much-Wanted Features That Give True Value For Money.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max is a true heavyweight phone at 240 grams, the heaviest among the compatible phones. On September 14, 2021, Apple released the Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro. The price remains the same as its earlier models, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, released a year ago. The improvements of the Pro Max model include an A15 Bionic chip, a massive battery, and updated cameras. The phone has all the high-end features that one can expect from a phone of such stature, and most remarkable is the ability to record ProRes videos that justify the Pro quality entirely.

Price of iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhones are expensive, but the Pro Max is the biggest Apple phone of 2021 and the heaviest so far, has a hefty price tag. The phone price correlates to the storage capacity because the iPhone 13 Pro Max price with 128 GB storage is $1099. For the first time, Apple gives the option of choosing bigger storage of 1TB for an additional price. The 13 Pro Max with 1 TB storage will cost you $1599 – a lot of money but a lot of storage too.

The Looks

Being a heavyweight phone, the 13 Pro Max has a robust build, and identical square looks to its predecessors, the 12 series of iPhones. The front and the sides have a glossy stainless steel finish, while the backside has four colors. The four iPhone 13 Pro Max colors are gold, graphite, silver, and Sierra Blue. The Sierra Blue color is magical as the shade changes with the lighting conditions. It looks like Carolina Blue in some lighting, while in some other types of lighting; it might appear as light gray. The phone has a smaller notch, reduced by almost 20%, and it’s not as wide. The phone is thicker than the 12 series phones, which it ought to be to accommodate the big size of the battery. The phone has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance with Apple’s ceramic shield on the front.

ProMotion is a unique feature.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max Specs discussion starts with the 6.7 inch super retina, XDR OLED screen with Dolby vision. The screens are considerably brighter in everyday use. For the first time, an iPhone has the ProMotion feature, a term Apple uses to describe a high refresh rate. Depending on what shows on the screen, the refresh rate adjusts between 10Hz and 120Hz, a feature that Samsung already provided in Galaxy S21. The stellar display looks fantastic due to crisp graphics and smooth animations, while even the mundane scrolling of the feeds looks much better.

The Camera

The primary camera is superb and has the largest sensor ever used for iPhone. A new autofocus attaché to the ultra-wide is another improvement, and the f1.5 aperture lens means improved lighting. The new sensor of the telephoto camera facilitates 3x optical zoom. Another improvement is the faster shutter speeds that enable better freeze actions like taking shots of speeding bikes. Taking Night mode photos is faster and compatible with the telephoto lens. The camera is much better than any of the earlier iPhones.

When you get too close to the subject, the camera’s Macro mode activates automatically. The Macro mode allows the camera to automatically switch from the wide to the ultra-wide mode as you get too close to the subject. The ultra-wide autofocus allows perfect focusing of objects when you get too close to it. The macro photography is solid in medium and bright lighting.

The Cinematic mode is another new feature of the 13 Pro Max. It uses rear cameras to create 1080p videos at 30 fps. The video looks compelling as everything except the subject is out of focus.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a big battery with the longest battery life for two days on a single charge. The phone ensures smooth editing of photos gaming and seamlessly supports opening multiple apps simultaneously.

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